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Slimming World Summer Berry Smoothie

Summer Berry Smoothie

 With the summer finally here, this Summer Berry Smoothie recipe is a great way to get that little bit of extra fruit into your diet, enjoying something cold but packed full of flavour. Before I go into the recipe I must highlight thing here. Smoothies are NOT syn free. You […]

bournemouth vegan fair

Dorset Vegan Fair – Bournemouth

 Recently I was able to attend the Dorset Vegan Living Fair at the BIC in Bournemouth. This is Dorset’s largest vegan fair showcasing over 90 diverse stalls and stands including goods from Soya Milkshakes, to homemade fritters from Meat Free Martha to fantastic tasting green tea and matcha tea from […]

Herbs and Spices

Sweetener & Spice and All Things Nice!!

 Sweetener and Spice and all things nice! This could have so many meanings, but in the world of food, what does it mean? To put it simply it is to use some little extras to make your food, meals and snacks that little bit more delicious and wonderful. If you […]

Slow cooked beef casserole - insta

Slimming World Slow Cooked Beef Casserole

 With work making our lives busy, we do sometimes find excuses not to cook properly or get a takeaway, with a fantastic Slow Cooked Beef Casserole all you need is a little planning and you can have a wonderful home cooked meal that’s been cooking all day and all you […]

Slimming World Very Berry Overnight Oats - insta

Slimming World Very Berry Overnight Oats

 Eating healthy for breakfast can sometimes be a challenge, especially if you are busy in the mornings or have to get up that little too early and don’t fancy eating then. I know how much of a challenge that can be, so a coffee in the morning turns into a […]