11 Low-Calorie Soup Recipes

I love a good soup, I especially love a good soup in the winter when it gets cold and darker! In my opinion, soups are super easy to make, they don’t take long at all and most times you’ll have something yummy to eat within half an hour.

I’ve made a lot of soups in the past so I thought it would be a good idea to throw all my low calorie soup recipes into one long post. With all my soup recipes in one place, it means people can find them more accessible and hopefully enjoy them more!

Don’t forget that if you’re making any of these low-calorie soup recipes mentioned in this post, you’ll need your own soup maker. You can make soup on the hob but it takes longer and uses more energy.

If you don’t fancy looking through the post, take a look at the list I’ve put together below.

Low-Calorie Soup Recipes List

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Healthy Soup Recipes

Dairy-Free Potato and Leek Soup Recipe – 192 kcal

Low-calorie potato and leek soup is one of my favourite soups to make. I know a lot of people don’t like making leek and potato soup because it can take a while and can be a right hassle, but not with this recipe! It’s super easy to make, takes less time than you think and still tastes great.

A portion of this soup is going to be 192 kcal, which is great. As far as low calorie soup recipes go, you’ll want a second helping so if you’re following a calorie-counted plan, make sure you factor in the fact that you will want more! Don’t forget, they are so much easier to make with a Morphy Richards soup maker!

Low-Calorie Tomato Soup Recipe – 75 kcal

There’s nothing better than traditional tomato soup, right? This low calorie tomato soup recipe is going to rock your world and it’s only 75 kcal per portion! At only 75 calories in one portion, you’ll be able to have more bread or rolls!

It’s so easy to make you’ll be able to take a phone call or learn a new dance while it’s cooking, I would advise not dancing in the kitchen while you make this low cal soup recipe though or you might hurt yourself! It’s also a really easy recipe to make with a Morphy Richards soup maker.

Low-Calorie Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato Soup – 152 kcal

I’ve been enjoying low cal butternut squash soup for years now. I thought I’d mix it up a little and put sweet potato in it and it was a life changer! I will point out that this low-calorie soup recipe involves peeling, a lot! So make sure you have a decent peeler!

At only 152 calories per portion, you can make some for the whole family and you’ll be the talk of the town, well the town in your house anyway. It’s easy to make, a piece of cake with the soup maker and you’re going to love it!

Low-Calorie Turkey Soup Recipe – 177 kcal

This recipe is also dairy-free so if you can’t have dairy, this one is for you! This Dairy-Free Turkey Soup Recipe is a middle ground in terms of calories. 177 calories per portion aren’t too bad in my opinion. This turkey soup recipe is the best soup recipe for wintertime!

If you like this low-calorie soup recipe, let me know! It’s one of my sister’s favourites that she eats at Christmas and I can’t remember a year when she hasn’t enjoyed some! This recipe is super easy to make and a piece of cake with a soup maker!

Low-Calorie Red Pepper and Sweet Potato Soup – 106 Kcal

So as the title suggests, you can’t use green peppers in this low-calorie soup recipe! This red pepper and sweet potato soup is to die for! Only 106 calories per portion as well which rocks. I like to have some nice tiger bread with my soup, which goes great with this one!

It’s super simple to make, takes hardly any time in the soup maker and you’ll love it I’m sure. You can add some extra herbs if you want for additional flavour but I doubt you’ll need it with this low-cal soup recipe.

Low-Calorie Cauliflower Soup Recipe – 177 Kcal

At only 177 calories, this low-calorie cauliflower soup recipe is one you have to try! It’s rich, creamy and tastes so darn good you’ll want more and you will totally make it again! Have it with some yummy tiger bread and you’re onto a winner!

This low-calorie soup recipe is in my top three it’s that good! It’s easy to make and you’re going to love it. Don’t forget, it takes hardly any time and is a lot easier to make in a soup maker so if you don’t have one, now is the time to invest!

Healthy Swede Soup Recipe – 45 Kcal

If you’re looking for a healthy soup which is bursting with flavour, you’ll love this one. This low-calorie swede soup recipe is super easy to make in the soup maker. It takes hardly any time and it’s yummy on its own or with bread or bread rolls.

This is one of my favourite healthy soup recipes, I encourage everyone to make it and I’ve made it for friends and family. It’s low in calories and you’ll wonder why you never made it before. If you want to give it a kick you can always add some chilli flakes or spices. If you try something new with this soup recipe, do let me know in the comments as I’d love inspiration to try new things.

Healthy Cauliflower Cheese Soup Recipe – 171 Kcal

If you love low-calorie soups, you have to try this one. It’s a cross between cauliflower cheese and cauliflower soup. It’s bursting with flavour and is the perfect naughty treat without having to use up loads of calories for the day. It’s super easy to make in the soup maker as well.

You can pair this soup with some amazing crusty bread and really dig into it. It’s one of my favourite low-calorie soup recipes and I’ve made pretty much everyone I know eat it because they love it. It’s a twist on two classic meals and it pays off big time.

Moroccan Chickpea Soup Recipe – 162 Kcal

When it comes to low-calorie soups, this is one of my favourites that’s for sure. It’s low-calorie, easy to make in the soup maker and it’s super low in calories which means you can have some bread or rolls with your soup.

This low-calorie chickpea soup is also great for dinner parties without making all of your guests put on weight, people are going to love it and you know it’s a healthy dish they just enjoyed, even more so if it’s a starter dish.

Low-Calorie Vegetable Soup – 94 Kcal

This mixed vegetable soup is to die for. If you want a low-calorie veggie soup, this is the one, don’t even bother looking anywhere else because it won’t be the same. Due to this being a very low-calorie soup, it means you can have bread or rolls with it and you won’t need to worry about the calories! (Well not too much).

Let me know if you’ve made this low-calorie vegetable soup and what you thought about it.

Low-Calorie Carrot and Ginger Soup Recipe – 119 Kcal

This carrot and ginger soup is a low in calories and super tasty. If you like ginger you’ll love this soup but if you’re not the biggest fan of ginger I’d think about adding a little less than the recipe states. It’s really tasty and you’ll have to let me know what you think if you make it.

It has to be one of my favourite low-calorie soup recipes that for sure and it’s great in the winter.

Homemade Air Fryer Croutons Recipe

If you’re looking for something healthy to go with your low-calorie soup recipes, these air fryer croutons are just the thing. They low in calories, you can use any herbs or flavours you want on them and they work great in any of the soups in this post!

I’d love to know if you’ve made any of these low-cal soup recipes, they’re super yummy and my partner’s favourite is the potato and leek soup so you’ll have to try that one out for sure!

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