4 Methods to Stretch Your Food Budget Even Further

There’s no denying your love of food to anybody. All of your friends and family know that if there’s food, you’re probably going to be involved in some way. Whether you’re heading out to a girly brunch or you’re hosting a sophisticated dinner party with your closest friends, you are always keen to embrace everything to do with delicious dishes. Recently you have noticed your savings dwindling a little and you think you might be blowing your budget on avocado toast and other luxury meals. It’s time to reassess your food spending habits and make your budget stretch even further.

1.Out for Dinner Tricks

When you head out to dinner with your friends is there anything more annoying than splitting the bill? Angela only has a side salad with water, whereas Rita ordered a pizza, three cocktails and dessert. Is everyone happy with splitting the meal evenly? Not exactly. Download Square Cash app to your phone and you can easily transfer your portion only of the bill straight to your friend. The person who has ordered the most should pay the bill on their card and then the rest of you can simply transfer their amount straight to their phone. No arguments or stresses about paying too much for your dinner!

2. Quit the Convenience Stores

The local store that is situated just around the corner from your house tends to charge an absolute fortune for everyday products such as bread, milk and vegetables. Try and quit using these conveniences stores as they are blowing your budget majorly. Buy your groceries in bulk from a large supermarket and seek out the best offers from there.

3. Cook in Batches

Food waste is a huge cause of your budget blowing recently. You cook a delicious meal but there is way too much of it, so most of it ends up in the bin. Cooking meals in batches will help you to save a lot of money in the long run, because you can freeze the leftovers for a rainy day. Curries, soups and stews are all perfect batch dishes to try out soon.

4. Eat Seasonally and Locally

Another way to prevent yourself from paying through the nose for your grocery shopping every week, is to shop locally and seasonally. Head to your local farmer’s market and pick out the freshest vegetables for your soups. If they are grown locally and are in season, they will be much more likely to be cheap and cheerful. Let’s just say going out on the hunt for blueberries in the middle of December might set you back more than you’re willing to pay!

So find ways to make your budget go even further when it comes to buying food. You should never have to compromise on your favourite pastime so find innovative ways to make your savings stretch. Whether you’re cooking meals in batches or watching what you choose when you’re dining out there are so many ways for you to be more carefully as a food fanatic.

2 thoughts on “4 Methods to Stretch Your Food Budget Even Further”

  1. Honestly Holly

    I used to live near the BEST farm shop and I loved it! I’d do my week’s shopping for fruit and veg, the best quality stuff too, for less than a tenner! Now I live in central London and it’s really tough but yesterday I just found a new farmer’s market and can’t wait to try it out!

  2. Cora Harrison

    Thanks for sharing Matt, really needed to read something like this today. We seem to be spending a fortune on food since Christmas.

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