air fryer croutons recipe

You might have seen, I love making soup. I also love to make these homemade croutons as well, they go great with my soup recipes and I can’t get enough of them. The best part is that you can add any herbs or flavours you want. I tend to use flavoured olive oil though which gives it a deeper taste.

I love using my Ninja Foodi Dual Zone Digital Air Fryer AF300UK and I have to say easy air fryer recipes are one thing that I’m always looking to make. That’s why, these air fryer croutons are so fun to make. They don’t take long at all and they taste amazing.

Air Fryer Croutons Recipe

It doesn’t matter what type of air fryer you have because this croutons recipe can be done in any air fryer they’re that versatile. I know some recipes expect you to have a round air fryer or a square one, that’s not the case here. My mum has a round one, I have one with rectangle draws, they’re all the same.

This homemade croutons recipe is the perfect thing to make if you have old bread that may have gone stale or if you just want something a little different than a slice of bread to dunk into your soup. We’ve all been there, soup can get boring and you want to change it up a bit. If that’s the case, make these homemade croutons air fryer recipe.

Soup Recipes

If you’re making this air fryer croutons recipe you’re probably going to pair them with some amazing soup, right? I’ve got some amazing soup recipes that you’re going to love and you’ll love them even more if you have these homemade croutons with them.

Healthy Low-Calorie Cauliflower Soup Recipe

You can see that I’ve used the croutons recipe already with this cauliflower soup recipe. These croutons go great with this cauliflower soup, just don’t leave them to go soggy. The crunchy flavour of the croutons along with the soup is to die for, trust me!

Dairy-Free Potato and Leek Soup Recipe

These air fryer croutons are great with this potato and leek soup. This soup is my partners favourite and they always say, the only way this soup gets better is with some crisp croutons added. I can’t disagree with my partner so you should probably try this soup recipe with this homemade croutons recipe if I were you.

Moroccan Chickpea Soup Recipe

I’ve serves this Moroccan chickpea soup to a few guests now and they all say the same, it’s an amazing soup. With this soup I tend to serve the homemade croutons air fryer recipe in a small bowl so that my guests can add them when they want, otherwise they can get caught in between the chickpeas and beans.

How To Make Air Fryer Croutons?

When I first made croutons in the air fryer I had a few questions as I’d never made them before. Can I cook croutons from frozen bread? How long do croutons take to cook in the air fryer? How long can I keep croutons for? Along with so many more questions.

I’ve answered some questions below but if you need any more help with this homemade croutons recipe, let me know and I’ll do my best to answer them!

How Long Does It Take To Cook Croutons In The Air Fryer?

Air fryer croutons will take different times to cook depending on what bread you use. The croutons that I make take on average 8 minutes to cook. However, if you’re using a different type of bread then the one I’ve listed in the recipe card that time will change.

If you’re using a thinner bread, not thick bread, I would cook your croutons recipe for 5 minutes. However, if you’re cooking with thicker bread than the one I’ve used, make it 10 minutes for croutons air fryer cooking time.

How Long Do Croutons Last?

If you’re planning on making a lot of soup one week and want croutons every time but can’t be bothered to make them every day, I have some good news.

If you keep your croutons in an air tight container they’ll be find for three days, if they last that long. When you’re making croutons you’ll find that the Croutons shelflife is actually pretty decent so you won’t have to faff about all day.

Can You Use Frozen Bread To Make Croutons?

You can use frozen bread if you want to make croutons, you will need make sure you cut the bread up into cubes to make the croutons. If you plan ahead, you can always cut the bread up into croutons and portion them up into sandwich bags or an air tight container and then use get them out when you want to make croutons.

You will need to adjust the cooking time by a couple of minutes, as you don’t want soggy croutons.

What Equipment Did I Use To Make This Air Fryer Croutons Recipe

If you’re looking to make homemade croutons you’re going to need a few bits of equipment, one being obvious that’s for sure. Take a look at the affiliate links below and see if you need anything new for your kitchen and you can blame this homemade croutons air fryer recipe when all your packages arrive!

Healthy Air Fryer Croutons

If you’re looking to make these croutons you might be thinking they’re not all that healthy. Well, I can tell you now that these air fryer croutons are a lot healthier than if you sat there and ate half a loaf of bread with your soup, which I’m guilty of doing in the past but not anymore now that I have these croutons.

These croutons will also depending on what oil you use with them, some are lower in calories and syns than others. So if you’re looking to make these slimming world croutons make sure you syn the right oil and of course all oil will have different amounts of calories in them.

Are Croutons Low-Calorie? 131 Kcals

These croutons are great if you’re following a low-calorie plan and you don’t want to waste all your calories on bread. Each portion of these homemade croutons are going to cost you 131 calories and I think that’s pretty decent to be fair. Make sure you pair it with a low-calorie soup and you’ll have calories to spare.

How many Syns In Slimming World Croutons? (6.5 Syns)

Are these slimming world croutons? Yes, they’re actually a lot lower in syns that I originally thought. I don’t follow Slimming World anymore but I know that a lot of my followers do, which is why I wanted to put the syn count per portion of these air fryer homemade croutons in the post so people will know. Per portion this croutons recipe has 6.5 syns.

Homemade Croutons Recipe Card

If you want to make croutons recipe, check out the recipe card below. These croutons are really easy to make, which is one of the reasons why I love this recipe. If you’ve made them or used something a little different to give them some flavour, let me know what you used!

If you made these air fryer croutons you can also upload a picture and tag me in it on Instagram (@mattscafee) I’d love to see them and it spurs me on to make new recipes people are going to love. This air fryer croutons recipe makes enough for 3 to 4 people depending on how many croutons you have. If there’s only you or you and your partner, don’t forget they’ll keep for three days!

air fryer croutons recipe

Easy Air Fryer Croutons Recipe

Homemade Croutons in the Air Fryer
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 8 minutes
Total Time 13 minutes
Course Main Dish, Side Dish
Cuisine Soup
Servings 4 People
Calories 131 kcal


  • Air Fryer
  • Chopping Board
  • Kitchen Knife


  • 3 Slices Wholemeal Bread
  • 2 tbsp Olive Oil Can used Flavoured Oil
  • 1 tbsp Italian Herbs (Dried)
  • 1 tsp Black Pepper
  • 1 tsp Salt


  • Cut the bread into small half bite sized cubes and add them to a bowl.
  • Add all of the other ingredients into the bowl and mix together until the bread has soaked up the oil and seasoning.
  • Put the bread into the air fryer and cook for 8 minutes at 180℃/355℉. Give the croutons a shake half way through so they all turn out golden brown.
  • Check that the croutons are all crispy, if they need longer, put them back in for 1 minute. Repeat if needed.
  • Serve on top of your favourite soon and enjoy.


*Prices correct as of May 2023
Wholemeal Bread 3 Slices 276 kcal £0.12
Olive Oil 2 tbsp 239 kcal £0.48
Italian Herbs (Dried) 1 tsp 3 kcal £0.01
Black Pepper 1 tsp 5 kcal £0.01
Sea Salt 1 tsp 0 kcal £0.01
TOTAL   523 kcal £0.63
PER SERVING   131 kcal £0.16
Keyword Soup

If you like these homemade croutons, don’t forget to share this recipe with your friends and family so that they can make them as well. They’re great to use when you’re trying to lose weight because they aren’t full of calories, not like you’d get if you just ate half a loaf of bread with your soup.

You can also share this homemade croutons air fryer recipe with the rest of the world by using the picture below and pinning this recipe onto your Pinterest. Maybe the rest of the world wants a decent croutons recipe and you’re the key to giving it to them. Don’t deprive them of that.

air fryer croutons recipe

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