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Thai Cooking Academy, Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok Thai Cooking Academy

Earlier in the year, I decided that I wanted to start doing some cooking courses while I was on holiday, especially if I haven’t or don’t know how to cook that countries dishes. On a trip to Bangkok in Thailand, I had the chance to put this into practise and undertake a Thai cooking course.

The course was a half day course, I stumbled across the course while looking for things to do on TripAdvisor. The details about the course can be found here. Our course was very small, only 4 people doing the course, perfect size in my eyes, meant you can see what other people are doing and interact with others.



So you are guessing what did it involve, what did I make etc, well it was a half day course, both my partner and I were set at the train station near the academy and met by the chef, she asked us to pick 1 curry paste and 5 dishes that we wanted to make. I made my choices, Red Curry Paste, Thai Red Curry, Chicken with Cashews, Pad Thai, spicy Minced Chicken Salad and Mango with Sticky Rice. This was then phoned back to the academy where the kitchen assistances set all the ingredients out onto separate plates for us for when we arrived.

Before we went to the academy, we were taken around a small food and vegetable market. We were able to see some local produce, the chef explained what some vegetables were, she asked us lots of questions and we all got some right and wrong, but it was such an experience to learn about different foods.


While at the market, we did see some “delicacies”, deep fried grubs and crickets and no I wasn’t brave enough to try them, although I was a little curious.

We were then taken to the Thai Cooking Academy, firstly I want to point out that it was air conditioned, clean and everything was set out for us.


Water was on hand regularly, as it has been extremely hot in Bangkok (34oC).  We all put our pinnies on and sat down in front of plates of ingredients. These were explained to us, what they were, and how we needed to prepare them. But before we got into anything else, we started with the sticky rice for the dessert. This was a nice simple start to being taught to cook Thai food. Then we went onto the curry paste.


As you can see from the pictures, we were shown how to prepare everything. I have broken it down into pictures for each dish.I will provide recipes for each dish, once I have re-created at home.


Red Curry Paste

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Thai Red Chicken Curry

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Chicken with Cashews

Pad Thai

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Spicy Minced Chicken Salad



Being a foodie, I love food and cooking, so I think that my knife skills were good and the chef did comment at how good my knife skills were, as well as some of the other people on the course. I have to say that this made me feel very proud that I have worked hard to be good with knives.

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Personally this was a fantastic experience for me, great that I have decided to learn how to cook proper food from different countries. Now the next challenge, where to go next and what foods to learn how to cook?

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