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Cash Back & Free Stuff with Checkout Smart

Now as a savvy / frugal shopper, I’m always looking for ways to cut down my shopping bill and if possible, get something for free. I think now more than ever we are becoming for careful with our money, we are always looking to reduce our spend when and where possible.

This has been made a lot easier with the wonderful app called Checkout Smart.

Before I show you how easy this app is to use, I want to explain what it is all about. Checkout Smart gives offers for cashback and also free products. These products range anywhere from baby food, to Ready Meals to Pet Food to Alcohol and so much more!! You have to keep an eye on the app as the deals do have expiry dates, usually they last 5 days. So it is always updating and changing.


Checkout Smart is available on Android and iOS, it works with Quidco, the cashback on products will only show on your account in the app. You can withdraw your cashback at any point, BUT if the amount is under £19.99, there is a 5% fee. If your cashback amount is over £20.00, the it is free to withdraw, so I would say keep the money in there for as long as possible. I keep mine in there until the 1st week of December, then I withdraw it and I have some extra money for Christmas that has been saved.

When you take out the money, it will be transferred by either Paypal or BACS, I prefer to use my Paypal, I find it so much easier.


How to use the app:

Firstly install it onto your Android or iPhone, sign up, fill in the application and you are ready to start.


You can browse all offers or filter by shop.

In Store:

Go in store, purchase the products you have seen on the offer, remember that you need to get your receipt.


Claiming your Cashback:

You need to follow the app instructions, you will need to click on the offer, then claim, then it will ask what shop you bought it from, select the right one. The select the date you purchased it from the list shown, then it will show you a full list of offers for the store, select all that apply to the receipt you have, then you will need to photograph the receipt.


What will happen then is that it will be sent to Checkout Smart, where they will review the receipt, if they agree that the offers you got and the receipt match, they will the give you the cashback.




Just remember to go back to the app on a regular basis to get the newest and latest offers. Why not try what I do, save your money in the app until near Christmas, you may be surprised at how much you have saved!!

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