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Slimming World can be difficult to stick to, especially when you have a busy lifestyle or you’re not sure what to cook. That’s why this list is here, it’s no good picking up a meal deal because that’s packed with syns! These slimming world lunches are the perfect thing to get you through the day, fill you up and have you happy till dinner time! However if you do find yourself a little peckish in the mean time, take a look at this Low Syn Slimming World Snacks list! Some

Times are a little bit strange, everyone’s running around with face masks and no one has the time to sit back and just relax, which is why if you’re thinking about eating out; you want to make sure it’s one of the nicest and yummiest places in town! I find it exhausting trying to find somewhere to eat, I mean I find it a chore just to pick a cuisine and I can’t be the only one? If I’m trying to find somewhere online to eat I like to factor

If you want something delicious but quick an easy for dinner, then a stir fry should be top of that list for sure. It is a cheap meal to make that will feed a family, it is filling, healthy and packed full of goodness. Long gone are the days where stir-fries are soggy, have too much water and bland, it is now the complete opposite. Lamb Stir Fry You can really be creative when it comes to making a stir fry, this is also where you can use a lot

Slimming World Marshmallow Bars We all like to have a treat as a snack, something before lunch, after lunch or when we need that kick in the afternoon. Snacking on shop-bought snacks can work out expensive and half the time it is full of calories and bad stuff, then you feel guilty for falling off plan. Now there is a solution with making your own low syn marshmallow bars. These are like the ever so popular rice crispy square, however, there are two major differences, the first is that these

Fancy doing something different in the slow cooker? Then why not try out this Crockpot Diet Coke Gammon is ideal. The idea of cooking with diet coke or any other fizzy soda is strange or unusual to some people, but more and more people are using drinks to cook and not only Coca Cola, I have cooked chicken with Fanta and that turned out great, cooking with Fanta usually make the dish go sweet and sour, whereas cooking with diet coke, it does give more of a BBQ flavour, so I

If you like Chinese food, then I’m sure you will like this slimming world sweet and sour chicken, the only problem with the version from the local takeaway is the way that it’s cooked, the batter on the chicken balls, the oil from them being deep fried and the amount go sugar that must be in the sweet and sour sauce. Slimming World Fakeaways If you are wondering what a fakeaway is, well it is a home made takeaway. This can be anything from burgers, kebabs, indian, pizzas or in

Meatloaf is one of those meals that is really quick and simple to make, perfect for when the weather is a little on the poor side. It is heartwarming, filling and just another one of those meals that I would call as comfort food. It is a firm family favourite and what makes this extra tasty is that this meatloaf contains sweet potato, so it’s nice having extra veggies in a meal. Most meatloaf recipes will contain ingredients that will make it syn’ed, however this recipe is completely syn free.

As autumn is well and truly on the way and when we get into the winter months, there is nothing better than tucking in to a nice hearty, comfort food and this Slimming World Lamb Scouse (Syn Free) is just the ticket. Not only can this be made in the slow cooker, so it can cook all day while you are busy, or you can make it on the hob / cooker. Slimming World Lamb Scouse (Syn Free) is a type of stew really, the name doesn’t come from Liverpool, it

Slimming World have been very busy behind the scenes, this weekend they have announced that there are some changes to our favourites including Muller Lights, tinned pasta and also instant mash. You may be thinking why the change, well Slimming World’s Team constantly reviews the healthy eating plans and they want to make sure that members are constantly enjoying the weight loss, so from time to time, some syn values do change. Members need to keep up to speed with this. These changes will show on the app and Slimming

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