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Have you ever looked in your kitchen cupboard and wondered why you have so much stuff that you never use? Well, I’m a bit like you. I’ve got so much in my cupboard it can sometimes be a little bit of a headache, well I’m here to talk about the various items I have in my cupboards and what recipes you might be able to use them with. It’s great to use up what you have in your cupboard and keep them stocked with the kitchen essentials that you need!

If you’re wondering what meal planning is, you will want to go through this Beginner’s Guide to Meal Planning. Meal planning can be a task if it is not something which you’ve done before, it’s something you may be thinking about, what is the point or if you should create one, will you follow and stick to it? You may get to the weekend and think, stuff it, we will get a takeaway. So should you meal plan in the first place? Why Start A Meal Plan? Meal planning is

If your supermarket spending is getting to the point where something needs to change, then this is certainly for you. Before I got with my partner, my spending in the supermarket was out of control and worst of all, I didn’t even know. All I did know was at the end of the month, I didn’t have a lot of money left and no idea where it has gone.   Short of intervention, my partner actual sat me down and we went through the shopping for a month, well this

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You have heard this before, of course, but do you make time in the morning to healthily kickstart your day? Rather than solely relying on a quick bite of last nights pizza as you rush out of the door, make time to eat something that will give you the energy you need to get through your morning.   Your morning drink There are all kinds of options available to you for your first drink of the day. A delicious fruit smoothie

If you have a true passion for cooking and would like to do more in the kitchen, then what are you waiting for? You may not feel as though it’s that simple, but it really is. The only thing that is holding you back is yourself. You see, you don’t need to be a professional at something in order to have the right to do it. You may not be a very good singer, but does that stop you from singing out loud to your favourite song that comes on

How to cook healthier? If you are always looking for new ways to cook healthier or better, then I can tell you about some of the ways that really help me. I want to show you some of the ways that I use to cook healthy food and what works for me when I am cooking. As I don’t have a grill, I only have an oven and a hob, I can still cook in a similar style and get the most out of my food. If you are wondering

You’re here so I’m guessing you want to know how to be a frugal foodie, join the frugal foodie’s movement or get some tips on how to be a better frugal foodie? Either way, welcome to the club, we like to cut down on food waste and save money in the kitchen where we can. There are loads of benefits to being a frugal chef or just someone who likes to keep their kitchen in top condition! What Are Frugal Foodies? A frugal foodie is someone who wants to save

For those of you who have not used this before, it is one of the most amazing products in the world. I use this and only this when cooking. I never use any other oil in my cooking. With there being such a range of Frylight oils, sunflower, olive, butter and chilli, just to name a few. PIC What is the FryLight Range? If you’ve not heard about FryLight, Frylight is the original 1 cal (calorie) cooking spray. FryLight is used instead of olive, sunflower, vegetable or even rapeseed oil.

If you are anything like me, you will need this Cooking Conversion Guide because you will look at loads of recipes in books and online. You will see that there are various cooking weights, temperatures and liquid amounts which are shown in cups, lbs, fluid oz, grams, imperial, metric etc. It gets a bit confusing, especially if you only work in one measurement style. So I thought I would make it a lot easier, it is something that I use all the time when I’m cooking. Weight Conversion Guide I’ve

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