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Supermarket Value VS Big Brands

Supermarket Value VS Big Brands

If your supermarket spending is getting to the point where something needs to change, then this is certainly for you. Before I got with my partner, my spending in the supermarket was out of control and worst of all, I didn’t even know. All I did know was at the […]

How to Cook the Healthy Way

How to Cook the Healthy Way

If you are always looking for new ways to cook healthier or better, then I can tell you about some of the ways that really help me. I want to show you some of the ways that I use to cook healthy food and what works for me when I […]

A Beginner's Guide to Meal Planning

A Beginner’s Guide to Meal Planning

I want to go through my Beginner’s Guide to Meal Planning. Meal planning can be a task, something in which you may be thinking, what is the point or if you do create one, you may not follow. You may get to the weekend and think, stuff it, we will […]

Frugal Food

How to be a Frugal Foodie

If you are wondering how and why to be a frugal foodie, well that is very simple really. We have all seen the news, the change in prices in the shops and the fact that now everything is costing so much more, but most people are not getting paid much […]

Frylight, the full range

FryLight – What’s The Range?

For those of you who have not used this before, it is one of the most amazing products in the world. I use this and only this when cooking. I never use any other oil in my cooking. With there being such a range of Frylight oils, sunflower, olive, butter […]

Measurement conversions

Cooking Conversion Guide

If you are anything like me, you will need this Cooking Conversion Guide because you will look at loads of recipes in books and online. You will see that there are various cooking weights, temperatures and liquid amounts which are shown in cups, lbs, fluid oz, grams, imperial, metric etc. […]