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Slimming World Marshmallow Bars We all like to have a treat as a snack, something before lunch, after lunch or when we need that kick in the afternoon. Snacking on shop-bought snacks can work out expensive and half the time it is full of calories and bad stuff, then you feel guilty for falling off plan. Now there is a solution with making your own low syn marshmallow bars. These are like the ever so popular rice crispy square, however, there are two major differences, the first is that these

One of the things that go hand in hand with the summer is ice lollies, but not just any ice lollies, these are alcoholic lollipops. These Slimming World Low Syn Gin and Tonic Ice Lollies are a huge hit with family and friends. Yes, they have a gin kick, but they are oh so refreshing and just what is needed to help you cool down this summer, you need this slimming world supper recipe in your favourites, there will be more summer recipes coming soon. Slimming World Gin and Tonic

Everyone loves brownies, no one more than me. A good brownie is just a dream, the only issue with brownies is that they are not ideal on Slimming World, well that is until you you make this Slimming World Chocolate Curly Wurly Brownie. If you have a sweet craving, these should certainly hit the spot, I’m sure that they will be a big hit with the family, perfect for treats after dinner, parties, lunch boxes and more. I make my brownies in a great brownies try, it doesn’t have to

Banana bread is something I love to bake when I’m at home, there’s nothing better than a nice bit of banana bread. That’s why I decided to make this amazing slimming world banana bread, well slimming world chocolate chip banana bread actually which is great on the slimming world diet! Slimming World Banana Bread If you’re like me and you love banana bread and you’re also on the slimming world plan, you’ll love this recipe. I’ve been craving banana bread for so long as was super excited to get this

I think that most people like some kind of cheesecake, the only issue with it is that cheesecake is an absolute killer if you are following the Slimming World plan, well that is until now!! I want to shout out to one of my amazing followers (Lady Jane) she wanted a recipe that her husband would enjoy, I think I’ve cracked it with this. Slimming World Diet Oreo Chocolate Cheesecake Now this is a certain treat, it is one of those treats that you do have to save and think

I like a nice cake just as much as the next person, but you will agree that cake isn’t the best when you are trying to eat healthy. Well I have a great recipe for Slimming World White Chocolate Blondies which I have been playing around with and I think it is great, I think you will too!! Especially as they are only 2.5 syns each.   Now I have wanted to have a nice cake to sit down with a cup of tea after work or after a lovely

Now for something a little bit different, if you have a little bit of sweet tooth, but don’t dare chance a cake, well this Slimming World Apple Strudel  is the perfect answer, especially as it’s coming is at the princely sum of 2 syns per serving!!   We all know how difficult it can be to start on plan, especially if you have a sugar craving and feel like eating your body weight in sweets / chocolate, I know I have certainly have wanted to before.  To get around some of

For a delicious apple dessert, which is ideal for the home, BBQ’s, Picnics and parties, these Low Syn Apple Turnovers are just perfect and everyone will love them. Especially as they are only 1.5 syns each!! If you have a sweet tooth but don’t want to fall off plan or you want to have something delicious after a nice dinner, without killing all the hard work that you have put into your healthy eating, these apple turnovers are just the ticket. As they are made with a tortilla wrap, so

We all have that craving for some chocolate, we all need something sweet, that treat just to finish off a meal or even a hard days work with. These Slimming World Low Syn Chocolate Cake Square give you everything that you truly need. Slimming World Chocolate Cake These Slimming World Low Syn Chocolate Cake Squares are only 3 syns a square, so if you are following Slimming World, you know that these are not going to break you. Please remember that Slimming World can and do change syn values to

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