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Slimming world can be difficult, especially if you want to lose a lot of weight in a short period of time or you’re just getting into the slimming world diet and you have no idea what you’re able to eat. I find myself snacking a lot, on the go food that I’m not having too cook up before hand. If you’re busy like me, always rushing around or grabbing a quick bite while at work you’re going to want to know all about these slimming world snacks and both low

Slimming World Tuna Pasty Now if you want something different, then this Slimming World Syn Free Tuna Melt Pasty recipe is it. Instead of using bread, baguettes or panini’s to make a Tuna melt, making one of these pasties is just want is needed. All you need to do to make it Slimming World Syn Free is to use the wrap and your cheese as your healthy extra and you are on your way!! If you fancy a slimming world pasty this happens to be one of my favourites. How

I’ve got a thing about pasties, you’ll know from my latest Slimming World Ham, Cheese and Pepper Pasty (Syn Free) that went down a big hit in my house, even other family members couldn’t get enough and it was perfect for slimming world lunches when I was in a hurry at work! Slimming World Chicken Pasty If you’re like me and struggling at times on the slimming world diet you’ll know how difficult it is to find some yummy food to snack on or have for lunch, this chicken pasty

Everyone loves a snack or something yummy to eat. However, not all snacks are healthy, even more so on the slimming world diet! That’s one of the reasons why I thought of the slimming world pasties that you may have seen on the blog. This one, however, is a firm favourite, my other half loves it and couldn’t believe it was a slimming world pasty! Slimming World Cheese & Ham Pasties If you love pasties like me you’ll love this cheese and ham slimming world pasty, I even added some

You may be thinking of what else you can make on Slimming World, something that can be eaten as a snack and is not a killer on the syns. Well look no further, these Slimming World Cumin Scented Falafel are just the thing. Save Save Save If you’ve not tried falafel before, you may be wondering what it is, well in simple, it is chickpeas with some other tasty ingredients. Falafel is a Middle Eastern dish which is full of spices and chickpeas. These falafel have a great spice which

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