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Dorset Vegan Fair – Bournemouth

Recently I was able to attend the Dorset Vegan Living Fair at the BIC in Bournemouth. This is Dorset’s largest vegan fair showcasing over 90 diverse stalls and stands including goods from Soya Milkshakes, to homemade fritters from Meat Free Martha to fantastic tasting green tea and matcha tea from the Green Tea Artisan, to name a few.

So what is the event all about? Well in the simplest sence it is to showcase and promote everything vegan and vegetarian and highlight some really good companies who practise this way of life, but personally I feel that the event is more than that. It is a way for non vegan’s / vegetarian’s to get access to, try to experience food, drink and wears that they may not have tried or experienced before. It is an education for some, enlightening for other, but most of all it is just an event to celebrate good produce.


I want to focus on four of stalls in particular that I really enjoyed their products so much so I bought some to bring home to try and I am so glad that I did.

One of the first stalls that really grabbed my attention was Meat Free Martha, they were selling a variety of fritters, which actually looked like delicious pies in a foil tins. They looked so inviting and the flavours were just divine (these are the ones that made it home) and with the recommendations from the two lovely ladies who served me, so wonder they were flying off the trays while I was there.

The next stop for me had to be over with the green tea, now I am a fan of green tea, but do find it hard to find a good tea, well I think my hunt is now over. The Green Tea Artisan not only had a number of hot tea’s, but they also had an iced tea and matcha tea. So I did a little bit of sampling and the iced tea was fantastic, from one tea bag you can make 3 litres of iced tea, now that is something that I knew would be beneficial and I could keep in the fridge and go back to all day every day. I was then advised to try the matcha tea, this is something new to me as I have never tried it before, it was made in front of me, looks very green and a little different, but once I sampled it, it started out bitter, which was the first taste to line the mouth, the second taste was to experience the flavours, I was then told to try a small piece of dark chocolate and I must say wow! I have not experienced flavours like that and you really get to sence what the chocolate is all about, in all fairness the matcha tea really surprised me.

Now there seems to be a crazy in the industry with gin at the moment, I have never been the biggest of fans, well I think that changed while at the Dorset Vegan Fair, with the discovery of Lavish. Now I saw that they had a Pink Gin, I thought if it tastes nice then this would make an awesome present, so I had a little sample and the flavours were so delicate, is was such a lovely drink, I was advised that it is best served and enjoyed with a cold sparkling mineral water, so I had to get myself a bottle. I was then persuaded (not that it took much) to try a coffee liquor, now this is polar opposites to the gin, yes they are two very different products but the coffee packed so much of a punch it was like an explosion on the taste buds. I can see the coffee liquor being perfect in an espresso martini.

So I was walking around a lovely hall at the BIC trying out a number of different foods and drinks, but with it being an extra hot day in Bournemouth (temperature was 27°C), one thing for is that I would need an ice lolly or something cold. I then discovered a stall called Smooze, now Smooze came just at the right time for me, they create Smooze Fruit Ice, these come in 4 different flavours, they are all made with coconut milk but 3 have another flavour with them including pineapple, pink guava and mango. I was given one to try, which happened to be the pink guava and they were really nice, tasted rich and full of flavour, but not OTT. Needless to say, these are now in my freezer and I can assure you that these will be eaten and quickly I’m sure.

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So overall it was a great event to be attending, I have the pleasure of experiencing some new and exciting foods, drinks and even brough a variety home with me. Now I will be looking out for the event when it is next at the BIC.


To summerise, it was wonderful to attend the Dorset Vegan Fair, the food and drinks was fantastic. I can guarantee that I will be attending.

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