Eating Out In 2020

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Times are a little bit strange, everyone’s running around with face masks and no one has the time to sit back and just relax, which is why if you’re thinking about eating out; you want to make sure it’s one of the nicest and yummiest places in town! I find it exhausting trying to find somewhere to eat, I mean I find it a chore just to pick a cuisine and I can’t be the only one?

If I’m trying to find somewhere online to eat I like to factor in quite a few things, I’m a fusspot and I’m not going to deny it either. I like to read past reviews and see what real people actually have to say about a restaurant and I don’t just want to read what the restaurant has to say.

In this current world, I want to know all about food hygiene, is the restaurant clean and is the food prepared in an ideal environment. As I said, I’m a fusspot and I want my meal to be perfect, after all, that’s what I’m paying for and not just something I can cook up at home! 

There are various places you can go to get some of the information needed but I want it all in one place, that’s where SquareMeal come into play, especially with their extensive list on private dining rooms. They have hundreds of restaurants, venues and dining rooms from around the UK with loads of information at your fingertips so you don’t have to go anywhere else!  

Dining With Celebrities

Depending on what you like, you’ll probably find it! I love the fact that you can search for a celebrity and find one of their restaurants closest to you! If you’ve ever wanted to eat in a Jamie Oliver restaurant, well they have them all on the website and on top of that they have all the latest information on the celebrities and what they’re up to at the moment! Check out Jamie Oliver and see what you think! 

The best part is, at the restaurant listings come with regularly updated information, food hygiene ratings and up to date contact information; which means everything you need to know if right there and you can make sure it’s safe and to your standards before even setting foot in the restaurant’s door! 

Eating Out 2020

At the moment everything is face masks and social distancing which I have no problems with, in fact, I have my own face mask collection for when I go out! It’s important to take all the steps needed to have an enjoyable time, you don’t want to get unwell after all!

One tip I’ve found most helpful this year, if you love a restaurant and you can’t go cope without the food, see if they deliver and you can enjoy their amazing food in the comfort of your own home! 

If you’re thinking about eating out this year or maybe hosting your own event, I’d check SquareMeal out for sure, one thing I will say is read the reviews and make the most of it as we never know what’s around the corner! 

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