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Ecozone Cleaning

If you’ve seen my Christmas gift guide this year you’d have seen that I added in some amazing cleaning products from Ecozone!

I love the Ecozone products, I’ve been using them since I got them and I can’t praise them enough. I had no idea how dirty my washing machine was until I used their cleaning tablets and I’m going to be using one every month from now on!

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They also have some great drain cleaners, another thing I didn’t know I needed until now! Let me tell you a little bit more about Ecozone cleaning products!

Their products are vegan, which is something I like to see from all my products these days. I’m fed up with companies testing on animals and I’m not buying products like that any longer! It’s almost 2022 and products should be cruelty free!

To top it off all of their products are pet safe!

I have a fantastic competition for two winners to win some amazing Ecozone products! If you’ve seen my gift guide you’ll know exactly what you can win and I’d advise everyone to enter and be in with a shot to win! It’s easy to enter below, all the terms and conditions are also below the competition so make sure you check that out!

Ecozone Competition

Ecozone Cleaning Kits

Be sure to come back every day so you can get that daily bonus entry!

Terms & Condtitions!

You MUST be 18 or over to enter the competition. The prize must be claimed within 7 days of the winner being notified.

This is a joint competition with Matt’s Cafe and Ecozone. Ecozone will be sending the prize directly to the lucky winner.

Once the prize has been dispatched the item is out of our hands and we’re unable to send replacement prizes.

All actions through Gleam must be completed, these will be verified and if the winner chosen is found not doing this, a new winner will be drawn. UK ONLY.

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170 thoughts on “Ecozone Cleaning Kits Competition”

  1. Yes, love them, and like to cook them in lots of different ways depending on what we are having them with. Love them roasted or cooked with bacon and they are lovely chopped up in soups.

  2. Elaine Stokes

    no, not at all…… been told i will as i get older!!! but nearly 50 and still can’t stand them

  3. Patricia Avery

    I’m a Lincolnshire lass so I absolutely love them, eat them regularly during the winter months.

  4. Tracy Newton

    I only like Brüssel sprouts shredded and pan fried with pancetta. I can’t abide boiled Brüssel sprouts

  5. I only eat Brussel Sprouts at Christmas. I like them, but when I look at them on the supermarket shelf, I think, nah!

  6. Valerie Seal

    Our family like them, but I’m not keen, even though I have a couple to be worthy. Our daughter even eats them cold!

  7. I LOVE SPROUTS! My favourite is them mashed into mash potato with lots of butter and some cheese.

  8. I like Brussel sprouts either lightly cooked or raw, sliced in salad -especially with dried cranberries for a festive feel

  9. Oh yes, I absolutely love them. Our friend is cooking Christmas Dinner this year and we have already discussed my need for sprouts as she isn’t keen. (why not? they are delicious).

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