Some Great Cleaning Products, Which I Think Are Just ACE

Ace Clean Products Review

We all have the one thing that we hate to do and that is to have to clean the kitchen, especially the cooker and oven. Well I have found some great cleaning products, which I think are just Ace.

I use the name well, as the cleaning products are called ACE. The wonderful people over at ACE sent me some bits to try out and I want to go though each and every one that they sent, I will be giving my honest and open view on them.

I was sent a Multi-Purpose Cleaner which can be used in the kitchen, bathroom and on coloured clothes. A Power Mousse Cleaner which can be used in the kitchen, bathroom and on whiote clothes, Ace for whites, to help keep white clothes white and Ace for Colours, to help keep the colour and brightness in coloured clothing.

If you have certain times of the year where the kitchen is in more use than anywhere else, no doubt you will be in the same situation as me and the kitchen, especially the cooker is in more of a need to be cleaned more than anything else. My cooker was no different.

As you can see from the picture, the cooker was certainly in a need to be cleaned, the after picture shows actually how good the mousse is. The cooker is back to looking good as new.

Now I want to talk about how the product actually works, smells etc. The Power Mousse comes in a spray bottle, simple to use, turn the nozzle and spray onto the area the needs cleaning, leave for 5 minutes so that the mousse actually works on the issues, then clean away with warm water. There is no horrible smell from the mousse, actually it is a nice clean smell, means that the kitchen will smell fresh and clean.

The Multi-Purpose cleaner comes in a spray bottle, again simple to use, turn the nozzle and spray onto the area the needs cleaning, leave for 5 minutes so that the multi-purpose cleaner actually works, again just like the mousse, clean away with warm water, no horrible smell either.

Now we get to the washing, my partner is the one person who always drops food down themselves, so I’m always having to wash the clothes and sometimes I even have to try stain remover products. I have gone through a few different stain removers, so when Ace sent me the Ace for Whites and Ace for Colours, they must have known that my partner is a messy eater.

Anyway, both the Ace for Whites and Colours both come in a bottle, it is simple to use, I usually put some of the stain remover directly onto the stain on the item of clothing, as a pre-treatment, then leave for 5 -10 minutes before putting it into the washing machine. I do add around 100ml into the wash and wash all the clothes with that and my usual washing powder.

Now here comes the part that I find a shocker. Like I previously dsaid. I have used a number of other stain removing products and most don’t work, well Ace is certainly the exception, not only did it work, but I was unable to tell that there was even a stain there. I have now used it on curry sauce, oil, red wine and even cranberry sauce and the Ace for Whites and Colours have got every stain out, no issue at all.

So what is my overall opinion on Ace, well it is simple really, it is wonderful, I be sure to have this as my partner in crime when I am cleaning the kitchen over and above most other cleaning brands that I have previously tried.

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