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Hawker Chan, Terminal 21, Bangkok, Thailand

Hawker Chan – Michelin Star Street Food??

While enjoying my first couple of days on holiday, I stumbled across Hawker Chan, now I have never heard of it before, but it has signs everywhere saying that it has a michelin star. Now that is a very bold statement for a place to make not to be true, but I did question it due to the prices.

After doing a little research (google), I found that the chain does have a michelin star. The original Hawker Chan is in Singapour and he was given the star for it’s trademark crisp-skinned soy chicken as well as plates of char siu (barbecued pork), cut to order and served with rice or noodles.



Now Hawker Chan is the cheapest Michelin Star food outlet, at this very moment in time. So I thought, when in Bangkok, I have the chance to eat at a Michelin Star place and it not breaking the bank.


I ordered the char siu and rice and my partner had the soy chicken and rice. We paid, I would say it cost us around £9.00 inclduing drinks for both of us.

Now I’m sure you wouldn’t even get a side dish in either Gordon Ramsey’s or Marco Pierre White resturant for that!!


So we sat down to enjoy what we expected to be a taste sensation and….


….I won’t lie, it was such a let down. Huge dissappointment, the char siu was cold, tasted average, and I’m being nice. The chicken, well it was still on the bone, fatty as anything and I can’t describe the horror that we saw in some parts of the chicken.


So for a Michelin Star resturant, a top resturant that is seen in the highest degree, it was truly upsetting. I felt deflated, let down and completely disappointed, I was angrey, just whole heartedly disappointed.



So having eating at a Michelin Star resturant, which has been on my bucket list for years, well, I don’t know if I want to try another as this was the worst experience of my life.I have eaten from street vendors in Bangkok, little tavernia’s in Greece and hidden away resturants in Spain, that speak no english and they were vastly supirior to this.


Now, I want to know how to become a Michelin Star reviewers, I think I have the palet and taste buds for it, so why not give it a try? I think I may have to send an email as soon as I can and get the ball rolling.

Overall, I would rate this pace 1 star, the staff were not engaging, the food was cold and well, not really edible. Personal opinion, go somewhere else to eat.

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