Horsham Coffee and Aeropress Competition

Horsham Coffee Roaster

I love coffee!! I do Coffee Club monthly where I bring you a new coffee to try and so far I’ve had some amazing coffee that I’ve been speaking about! I’ve also added them into some nice coffee recipes such as this yummy Baked Coffee Doughnuts Recipe – Coffee Donuts Recipe!

If you checked out my Christmas coffee gift guide this year you’ll see that I’ve tried some amazing coffee this Christmas and I can’t wait to tell you all about this fun competition where you could be in with a chance to win something amazing!

If you want to win yourself an Aeropress and some yummy Horsham coffee this Christmas, you have to enter the competition below to be in with a chance of winning! If you haven’t already, check out Horsham Coffee to find some yummy coffee and some gift ideas!

Just enter the competition to be in with a chance of winning this set. Don’t forget to read the terms and conditions and come back every day for your daily bonus entry. You have to enter to be in with the chance after all! Do you want to win?


Horsham Coffee and Aeropress Competition

Terms & Conditions

You MUST be 18 or over to enter the competition. The prize must be claimed within 7 days of the winner being notified.

This is a joint competition with Matt’s Cafe and Horsham Coffee Roasters. Horsham Coffee Roasters will be sending the prize directly to the lucky winner.

Once the prize has been dispatched the item is out of our hands and we’re unable to send replacement prizes.

All actions through Gleam must be completed, these will be verified and if the winner chosen is found not doing this, a new winner will be drawn. UK ONLY.

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152 thoughts on “Horsham Coffee and Aeropress Competition”

  1. Zibby Ferguson

    I am an all rounder, and drink coffee in all it’s various forms. If I am hungry, I take it with cream. If I have over eaten, I sip black coffee to settle my stomach.

  2. I don’t actually drink coffee but my best friend does and I would love to win this for her

  3. I drink my coffee with a dash of vanilla syrup/essence and milk, but in December I drink it with Bailey’s festive double cream.

  4. Depends on how I feel – usually no milk and one sugar, today I was out for coffee and had cream with it for a treat and it was so good. Made for me so tasted all the better.

  5. Love my coffee in lots of different ways but for a treat I like an espresso with a drop of Bailey’s

  6. Black with no sugar, I love the pure intense coffee flavour, I find adding other things gets in the way of the unique notes and flavours of different coffee beans. Though I do find soy milk helps take away the bitterness of badly roasted and burnt beans!

  7. Rachael Simmons

    White with milk (any kind: cow, almond, I had hazelnut this week!) and one sweetener if it’s an Americano. I don’t use it for things like cappuccino/latte as it seems sweet enough. Hoping to gradually wean off all sweetener in coffee eventually

  8. I like my coffee either black or very milky, nothing in between, and always with brown sugar

  9. Usually with cold milk but occasionally I treat myself to hot milk that I’ve whisked until its frothy.

  10. Just a little soya milk in coffee & a dash of vanilla skinny syrup does the trick for me, delicious.

  11. Caroline Tinsley

    I usually drink black coffee without sugar but I enjoy a cappuccino or caramel latte as a treat.

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