Hungry Savers Series with A Journey of a Lifetime

Hungry Savers Series with A Journey of a Lifetime

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Welcome to my Hungry Savers Series, every single week I’m going to be bringing you another fantastic blogger, one whos as passionate about food and saving money in the kitchen as I am! I’ve asked them a series of questions that they’ve answered honestly. You can check out the 7 responses below and if you fancy checking them out click here! If you’re a blogger and want to take part in the Hungry Savers Series, then please get in touch. This weeks instalment is from

These are the questions asked:

Tell us about your blog

I blog over at , I write about living simply on a budget. I wanted to share this with other families to show, you can have what you want even with a small budget. For us that is to have adventures/days out/ travel and so as the blog progresses I will be sharing the adventures we have and how we achieve them.

What supermarket do you prefer and why? 

I would have to say Asda, I have tried most supermarkets on a bid to save money but without visiting a couple of shops to do one week of shopping Asda has always come out the cheapest. I also find their offers fit my family well so I maybe their target market, but either way it is still a win for us.

3 money saving tips for the kitchen

  1. I am a big fan of adding lentils to any mince dishes, it allows you to stretch the meal a lot further.
  2. Freezing fruit or vegetables that you have not gotten around to using. So much fruit and vegetables go to waste but simply chopping and freezing could save so much money and waste. Favourites of mine are onions as there is no need to cry during chopping more than once so I chop 5 or 6 at a time and freeze. Potatoes I par-boil for either roast or chips and then freeze. Bananas great frozen for smoothies.
  3. When possible, make an extra meal that you can freeze it means when you are in rush you won’t need to reach for the take-out menus.

An expensive item you can’t live without in the kitchen and why?

My freezer, I have a second freezer in our garage because we use them so much. We don’t buy much frozen food, but I do follow my own tips I mention above and so the freezer is well used.

What is your favourite recipe?

Spaghetti Bolognese is a huge hit in our house, so I enjoy making it as I know it will go down well. I enjoy changing the recipe to see if I can improve it at all and I love to hide vegetables in it as my children will eat any vegetable if they can’t see it!

What is your favourite kitchen gadget? 

Pyrex cooking dishes with lids. You can see from my answers above that I love to freeze food to save money and to make dinner time simpler. I really like these cooking dishes as I can cook things like, lasagne, casseroles or shepherd’s pie (to name a few) add the lid once cooled and freeze. When needed I can defrost, remove the lid and cook again.

Who or what inspired you to cook?

My children, I wouldn’t say before children I enjoyed cooking at all. But since becoming a mum I do want to cook good healthy meals and so I now enjoy trying to improve my meals. I would love nothing more than my children saying you haven’t eaten until you have tried my mums spaghetti Bolognese!

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