Hungry Savers Series with Earning by the Sea

Hungry Savers Series with Earning by the Sea

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Welcome to my Hungry Savers Series, every single week I’m going to be bringing you another fantastic blogger, one whos as passionate about food and saving money in the kitchen as I am! I’ve asked them a series of questions that they’ve answered honestly. You can check out the 7 responses below and if you fancy checking them out click here! If you’re a blogger and want to take part in the Hungry Savers Series, then please get in touch. This weeks instalment is from Earning by the Sea.


These are the questions asked:

Tell us about your blog

My blog is Earning by the Sea where I talk about ways to make and save money at home. 

What supermarket do you prefer and why? 

I prefer Sainsbury’s. I can buy ‘Sainsbury’s Basics’ and the quality is still good and they also have a great ‘free-from’ range which I need. I also regularly shop in Aldi. I have fine tuned my shopping list so I know which items are cheaper/better quality in which store.

3 money saving tips for the kitchen

  1. I always buy produce nearing it’s expiry date if it has been reduced and I cook and freeze it, or just freeze it depending on the item. 
  2. Meal planning is something I have recently started and it’s working really well.
  3. I buy the supermarket own brand where possible as the cheaper option is often just as good.

An expensive item you can’t live without in the kitchen and why?

My Nutri-Bullet. It’s so handy for using up left over fruit and turning it into a smoothie.

What is your favourite recipe?

I make a great lentil soup. I keep lentils in the cupboard at all times and add any veg we have that needs using and some stock, so simple yet one of my favourite ‘quick’ meals. 

What is your favourite kitchen gadget? 

I really like using a Spiralizer to make courgette spaghetti when I want a low-carb meal. 

Who or what inspired you to cook? 

My Gran taught me how to bake as a child and she is a fantastic cook so I had a great teacher! That definitely inspired me to cook.


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