Hungry Savers Series with LousNews

Hungry Savers Series with LousNews

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Welcome to my Hungry Savers Series, every single week I’m going to be bringing you another fantastic blogger, one whos as passionate about food and saving money in the kitchen as I am! I’ve asked them a series of questions that they’ve answered honestly. You can check out the 7 responses below and if you fancy checking them out click here! If you’re a blogger and want to take part in the Hungry Savers Series, then please get in touch. This weeks instalment is from LousNews. 

Before I get into to it with Louis’ answer, I just wanted to do a big birthday shoutout to Louis. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

These are the questions asked:

Tell us about your blog

Lousnews is a nice little lifestyle blog, bringing you the content that you want to read. I love talking about all sorts, money, mental health, competitions and product reviews.

What supermarket do you prefer and why? 

I prefer Aldi because it is cheaper than the main supermarkets and you can get great range products and they now have their own free from range which is great and without the huge price tag.

3 money saving tips for the kitchen

  1. Keep takeaway Tupperware so you can use it for when you make extra amounts of meals, these are then perfect for quick meals and lunches.
  2. Buy long life milk, you can go with the dairy option, soya, coconut and even almond milk. They last longer and are cheaper.
  3. Do always go for big branded products, the cheaper alternatives can be just as good, if not better.

An expensive item you can’t live without in the kitchen and why?

Food Mixer for when I make my cakes, I wouldn’t be able to create some great recipes without it.

What is your favourite recipe?

Peanut butter cookies, these are so simple, quick to make and taste delicious, but be careful, they may contain nuts!!

What is your favourite kitchen gadget? 

Actually this is something I didn’t realise how good it was until I was bought one for Christmas, but it is a potato ricer. My mashed potatoes have never been so lump free and tasty.

Who or what inspired you to cook?

Easy, that would be my mum and my nan, because they were and still are always cooking. My mum makes the absolute best cauliflower cheese and my nan makes the best chocolate cake, sorry Matt!!

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