Hungry Savers Series with Savvy in Somerset

Hungry Savers Series with Savvy in Somerset

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Welcome to my Hungry Savers Series, every single week I’m going to be bringing you another fantastic blogger, one whos as passionate about food and saving money in the kitchen as I am! I’ve asked them a series of questions that they’ve answered honestly. You can check out the 7 responses below and if you fancy checking them out click here! If you’re a blogger and want to take part in the Hungry Savers Series, then please get in touch. This weeks instalment is from

These are the questions asked:

Tell us about your blog

I blog at a personal finance blog that covers all things money related, in particular saving money on essentials like food and household bills. I love then being able to put those savings to good use on things like nice holidays and days out with my family. If there is a way to save money on something I will do my best to find it!

What supermarket do you prefer and why? 

I do tend to shop around a lot when it comes to my weekly shop but the ultimate winner would have to be Sainsbury’s. Although I currently do the majority of my shopping at Lidl because of the price, I think that Sainsbury’s offer the best overall experience when it comes to quality and range of products. I also collect nectar points and double them up in the run up to Christmas, another handy bonus.

3 money saving tips for the kitchen

  1. Reducing waste can have a huge impact on how much you need to spend in the kitchen – even simple things like making sure food is stored properly after being opened could save hundreds over the course of a year.
  2. Knowing the difference between use by and best before – best before is only guide. Use by is stricter but many foods are fine a day or two after – use your best judgement based on how the food looks and smells.
  3. Meal planning can save you a fortune – I always do a mini stock take before I shop and plan meals around that, only buying what we need to make complete meals.

An expensive item you can’t live without in the kitchen and why?

I actually don’t have any expensive kitchen items aside from the obvious fridge/freezer and cooker. We don’t even have a microwave! My husband has a coffee maker (which I don’t use, I’m definitely a tea girl) but he buys pods from eBay and it saves him buying a takeaway on the way to work so I wouldn’t consider it a luxury. I would absolutely love a kitchen aid but have never been able to justify the cost for how little I actually bake!

What is your favourite recipe?

There are a couple of things that I cook on regular basis for dinner that come from my time working as a chef for an Italian family, including a proper Italian Carbonara (no mushrooms and very little cream) and Saltimbocca alla Romana (traditionally made with Pork or Veal although I tend to use chicken!)

Having been a chef for most of my career I tend not to follow recipes, I’m definitely more of a chuck it in the pan and hope for the best kind if a girl – this is also why I’m terrible at baking – I hate having to measure ingredients!

What is your favourite kitchen gadget? 

A lot of my favourite kitchen gadget are silly little things that make life easier like Toast Tongs.

Who or what inspired you to cook?

I’ve always enjoyed cooking, even as a child, and when I left school I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. I took A Levels in Drama, English Literature, English Language and Media Studies and worked as a waitress on the weekends. I knew I didn’t want to go to University so when the place I waitressed at offered me a trainee chef position I took it. They put through catering NVQ up to level 3 and we actually won awards for our food while I was working there.

Since then I’ve had various roles in the catering industry – from working for a large catering corporation as a relief a chef to doing one day a week in a supermarket staff canteen and lots of other jobs in between, including a year cooking at an Italian restaurant.

And now?

Most recently I spent three years working in the kitchen at a lovely country pub just outside the town where I live. While I still love cooking, there’s no denying that a full time career in catering has its downsides – incredibly unsociable hours and lots of unhealthy habits, like not being able to have normal meal times as you’re always working. I knew this lifestyle wasn’t going to be compatible with starting a family and that’s when I decided to leave and focus on blogging full time.

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