Hungry Savers Series with The Money Whisperer

Hungry Savers Series with The Money Whisperer

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Welcome to my Hungry Savers Series, every single week I’m going to be bringing you another fantastic blogger, one whos as passionate about food and saving money in the kitchen as I am! I’ve asked them a series of questions that they’ve answered honestly. You can check out the 7 responses below and if you fancy checking them out click here! If you’re a blogger and want to take part in the Hungry Savers Series, then please get in touch. This weeks instalment is from The Money Whisperer.


These are the questions asked:

Tell us about your blog

I write at The Money Whisperer on family lifestyle and personal finance. I want people to be able to save money and then make that money grow for them – I write about everything from cashback sites to children’s pensions. I’ve got a facebook group which sits alongside the blog called Moneywise Mum; its a community for sharing ways to manage family finances. Meal planning and lowering the grocery bill often features; it’s a common topic for families!

What supermarket do you prefer and why? 

I’m a busy mum who works part time. I get my weekly shopping from Tesco because I have a delivery saver subscription and it means I don’t actually have to go shopping myself – I always end up spending more as I see the deals at the end of the aisles! ​I collect all my Tesco points up and once a year I trade them in for vouchers with 2 x face value which pays for my delivery saver subscription so I get my shopping delivered to my door for a year for free effectively. When we do pop in store to Tesco, I love that they do the free fruit for children; it’s a great initiative. I’ve also just got an NUS card which gives me 10% discount at Coop where I tend to do my top up shops as it is just around the corner from me – all the 10% savings are really adding up!
3 money saving tips for the kitchen
  1. Slow cookers are the best gadget for saving money in the kitchen. Not only are they more economical to run than using an oven, you can use cheaper cuts of meat as they will be slow cooking for so long that they’ll come out really tender regardless. I use mine for all sorts including heating mulled wine at Christmas!
  2. Don’t go food shopping when you are hungry – you will ALWAYS spend more than you mean you!
  3. Batch cook some of your favourite meals and freeze portions – if you come home tired or to nothing you fancy in the fridge, this will save you dialling for a takeaway or buying expensive convenience food from the local shop.

An expensive item you can’t live without in the kitchen and why?

​I was given an expensive breadmaker as a gift a few years ago. It’s a swanky one with a fruit and nut dispenser and you can make not just bread but jam and cakes etc in it. My youngest has an intolerance to gluten so I am now making my own bread for her – it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Gluten free stuff in the shops is so expensive and this way we also get to try out different recipes for her.  I also love it as I can use up my old bananas and make banana and walnut bread in it – handy when they’ve gone brown as none of us like overripe bananas!

What is your favourite recipe?

​ This is a tough one to answer as I have so many favourite dishes! I  have an incredible Massman Beef recipe; it’s such a good dinner party staple and even our kids like it – winner!  ​(I have attached an image from my cook book!)

What is your favourite kitchen gadget? 

​Easily my slow cooker. Well I have three slow cookers in different sizes which I use depending on if I am cooking for a large group, our family of four or just something for the kids. I love being able to chuck everything in before we leave on the school run in the morning and come home to a house which smells amazing and with a meal ready to serve!

Who or what inspired you to cook?

​After university I had a year out and spent the winter running a chalet in Meribel for Inghams as a chalet maid. It was a 5 star, 15 person chalet and we (I ran it with a friend) had to produce a 4 course meal each night and afternoon tea. When I was offered the job, the offer was conditional on us attending a cookery course. We did a week’s residential at a winery in Sussex and had some amazing chefs come down from London to teach us everything from Thai to desserts. I learnt some of my favourite dishes there. Plus my whole family are big foodies so I’ve grown up enjoying cooking with my mum – she’s my favourite cook ever!

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