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I think I’ve found heaven and its called Swensen’s

I think I have found heaven, or what should be called ice cream heavan and it’s name is Swensen’s.

While on the hunt for food, this foodie stumbled into an intoxicating smell of ice cream, waffles and damn right goodness.


Ok, maybe a little OTT, but you get the drift of what I’m trying to say. My partner and I came across this little ice cream parlor while trying to find somewhere to go for dinner on evening, while we were on holiday in Bangkok, Thailand, and this little gem was it.


We had been out and had some nice food, but we saved ourselves our dessert stomach for this place, and we are so glad that we did.


We were given a table very quickly, so no real wait, but we could seriously see how busy this place was, as it was packed. We sat at our table and given a huge menu to choose from, I was of course looking around to see what other people had and what looked good. Worst thing I could of done, I wanted everything, it all looked fantastic.


So after spending nearly 10 minutes working out what I wanted, to the frustration of my partner, I settled on an Oreo Brownie. Now, Oreo’s are my second favourite buiscuit, ahead of the good old bourbon, but 1 place behing the custard cream. As for cakes, yeah the brownie is top.


So I thought this would be it for me, I then had to decide what I wanted to drink, I went with the name as it sounded interesting, but didn’t have a clue as to what I had just ordered.


Within a very short space of time, the staff brought over what I can only describe as a large foaming glass, followed by my Oreo Brownie.

OMG, what the hell had I ordered?


Simply, the Orea brownie was a thin waffle base, a bit like an ice cream cone, topped with cookies and cream ice cream, thai banana’s, brownies, squirty cream, crushed Oreo’s and topped wih a chocolate coverd cherry. Before I say anything more, I have to explain about the cherry, it isn’t a normal cherry, this one is special. Now I love fresh cherries but absolutely detest glacier cherries. Now this little wonder, I don’t know what they have done to it but it looks like a glacier cherry cover in cholcocate, but 1, they have already removed the stone, 2, they have made it take like a cherry bakewell and 3, I need to know where I can buy a tub of these or at least a recipe so I can share it.

Now the foaming drink that looking like something from a halloween prop, was actually none other than coca cola and vanilla ice cream, yum.


Well let’s just say, both we’re dealt with appropriately, and by that, well, you can see from the picture what I mean.



This place was unreal, we have vowed to go again before we leave, this time, I’m not sure what I will be having, but I have no doubt that it will take me at least 10 minutes to decide.

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If you are going to Bangkok, you NEED to try this place out, this is in Terminal 21, Asok, Bangkok, Thailand.

Service is great, ice cream and drinks are awesome. I’m going to do something that I never thought I would do with a dessert place, or any food place for that matter, I have to rate this place and I have to give it a 5 STAR.

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