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Well I hope everyone is ready for Fathers Day? Although if not, you should keep on reading because you won’t be thinking of gift ideas by the time you’re done! The happy folks over at Indigo Nutrition sent me the best package on the run up to Fathers Day and I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

Have you ever wanted to make your own chocolate? Well tough, this is a Fathers Day gift! However click this link and buy yourself one if you wish, they’re fun! The folks at Indigo Nutrition sent me this amazing chocolate making kit ready for Fathers Day, pure chocolate and totally natural.

Let’s get down to presentation shall we? It’s going to be a gift after all so you want it to look good? It looks amazing, the box it comes in has that quality feel and it looks ace! The kind of presentation you want and the perfect item to make the perfect gift! It doesn’t stop there, open it up and you have the best, quality filling and the packaging of the chocolate etc. inside are amazing!

Not convinced? Shame on you. Literally this looks the part, smells and feels the part. Can’t fault presentation at all. How’s the product though? Does it work? Is it worth spending your money on? Well let me start by saying the ingredients are organic, which means you’re paying for the best ingredients on the market. You get enough in the box which means you can make quite a bit and in my opinion it’s totally worth it.

There’s a little card inside with directions of use on, a list of all the ingredients and did I mention it’s raw and organic? I’ve given you so many reasons to buy it so you shouldn’t need anymore right? Well here’s another, if your dad cares about the environment and healthier eating then this present is 100% for him, you’re going to look like the best child on the planet when he receives this!

If you want to buy one, for yourself or for a present then click this link! Check me out on Instagram and keep your eyes peeled for the finished product shortly after Fathers Day! If you make any yourself or with your dad, be sure to tag me in them pictures because I’d love to see your creations!

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Where can you get the kit from?

This Indigo Nutrition Chocolate Making Gift Set are available directly from the Indigo Nutrition website, they offer guaranteed next day delivery, which makes this perfect to get in time for Father’s Day.

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