Light Bites Snacks – Pop Chips & Bars – Review

Light Bites Snacks - Pop Chips & Bars - Review - insta

The lovely people over at Light Bites sent me a great range of snacks to try out, especially as I am trying to lose weigh, eat healthy and stick to a plan to get as healthy as I can.

Currently I follow a mixture of Slimming World and calorie controlled, it can be really hard to find some nice snacks that don’t kill my achievements.

Light Bites Pop Chips

Light Bites sent me 4 different crisp type snacks called pop chips, they are: Cheddar Cheese and Chutney, Pesto and Sun Dried Tomato, Sweet and Smoky Chipotle and Roasted Shallot and Cider Vinegar pop chips.

Now these are not the usual crisps at all, they are made with soya and chickpea. They remind me a little of the crisps Disco’s, they are round a little smaller in size, but they taste great.

I usually have a packet of the crisps with my lunch and you know what, I don’t fancy any other crisps at all, these have been awesome. What also makes these crisps that bit better is that they are between 95 – 98 calories a pack!!

Now when the sugar levels are down and in need of a boost, Light Bites also sent me a couple of bars, one was Chocolate Cookie Caramel and the other is Quinoa, Honey and Pumpkin Seeds.

Now the Quinoa, Honey and Pumpkin Seeds are really nice and personally, it is a great on the go bar for a busy morning. The Chocolate Cookie Caramel bar is a chocolate type bar with loads of caramel and is the perfect pick me up for around 3pm when you have the dip in your sugar stocks.

What also makes these bars that bit better is that they are less than 100 calories each!!

So you can have these on a daily basis and not kill your healthy eating. I am sure that the family would like these as well, but if you are clever about these, tell them that they are healthy and that they would like them. Hopefully that will deter them from eating your treats that you will like.

I can’t say enough about these snacks and there is only one thing left for me to say and that is thank you to Light Bites for introducing me to something so nice, that doesn’t taste, look, feel or smell like healthy food.

Light Bites Snacks - Pop Chips & Bars - Review

Where can you get them?

These Lite Bites Pop Chips and Bars are available to but online and also in store at Superdrug, so if you want to get yourself some, you know where you can go.

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