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Live Mas in Poole with Taco Bell

So the huge American chain Taco Bell has expanded it’s reach within the UK, making a total of 15 outlets and the newest outlet in Poole, Dorset.

I was invited to go to a VIP launch party 2 days before the actual grand opening to try out some food, drinks, also experience the service and as well as hear from the General Manager of Taco Bell, along with the Franchisee of the chain.

I have to say that we were welcomed very well by the PR company, the management of Taco Bell UK, the Franchisee himself and the staff of the outlet in Poole.  We were told that food and drinks would be flowing and to enjoy our experience, but before we did, we were asked if we wanted to get some pictures done on the Shutter Booth, we did a few which were very fun.

So after a couple of couple of pictures emerged, we went and found a table so we could sit down, talk and while we were talking, the Taco Bell staff started bringing out food, one thing after another.

We had the pleasure of trying the Nacho’s with Salsa, Guacamole and Cheese sauce, Crispy Beef Taco, Soft Chicken Taco, Chips with Cheese Sauce, Chicken Crunchwrap, Pork Quesadilla, Chocadilla and Churros with Chocolate Sauce. Not only was the food flowing, but so were the drinks, unfortunately as I was driving, I had a Pepsi and a non alocholic slushy.

So with having the option to try a number of the dishes, I wanted to outline a couple of the dishes that I thought were outstanding. For me is was very simple what the best dishes were, from the range that we tried and they were the Pulled Pork Quesadilla and the Soft Mexican Chicken Taco.

In case you have never tried or experienced a Quesadilla before, I want to explain what one is. A Quesadilla is a large soft flour tortilla filled slow cooked pork, three cheese blend and a creamy jalapeño sauce, then the tortilla is folded in half and cooked both sides, similar to a toastie. Then cut and served, absolutley stunning!!


For those who weren’t driving there were loads of drink options including Pepsi, Slushies with or without rum and of course a good bottle of beer.


So we tried a lot of the food, one of the few dishes we didn’t have the chance to sample were the Burrito’s, BUT we will be going back to Taco Bell in Poole to definately true on the their Burrito’s along with some other bits that we thought were outstanding.

To summerise, it was wonderful to be invited to a VIP opening on Taco Bell, the food was fantastic, the service was impecible and very American. I can guarantee that I will be a customer of Taco Bell Poole, I’m just planning on my next trip.

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