Mother’s Day Foodie Gift Guide that Mum’s Will Love 2019

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I have chosen a number of items that I know my mum and other foodie mums would love to receive, above the traditional flowers etc. I’m not a mother myself, however I know a lot of foodie mums and I have had some great conversations about what they would like to receive as a gift for Mother’s Day, you know what, it was surprising what the results were.

Check out the Matt’s Cafe 2019 Mother’s Day Foodie Gift Guide.

Yukishino Blossom Ramen Bowl Set

For the mother who has everything, I bet they don’t have a Ramen bowl set, why not bring a touch of Japanese serenity at dinner time. This Yukishino Blossom Ramen Bowl Set comes with 2 extra large bowls, 2 ramen ladles and a full colour ramen recipe book, oh and it all comes in an awesome bag, all for the sum of £39.50. The recipes in the book are fantastic, the ramen noodle recipes are just wow, all authentic and tastes just like it should. Why not treat a mother this mother’s day with the Yukishino Blossom Ramen Bowl Set.

Three Mills Reserve Wines

You may not want to admit it, but mum’s are hero’s, seriously!! If you want to treat your hero to something a little bit special this mother’s day, then you should have a look at the Three Mills Reserve wines. If your mum is anything like mine, she probably likes the wine, but it’s the alcohol content that’s the issue, well Three Mills have sorted that out with the Three Mills Reserve White, Red and Rose wines. They are 10.5% ABV, meaning your mum can enjoy a nice wine without the worry. All these wines are available in ASDA at a really pocket friendly £3.23 per bottle.

The Three Mills Reserve White is a fruity white wine which makes it a fantastic served with chicken or fish, if you are thinking for a dessert, then this would be perfect for a sweet pavlova or a great cheeseboard. If you are wondering what the flavours of this wine, then gooseberry, melon and apple are it.

The Three Mills Reserve Red is a wine that is packed full of jammy red fruits, vanilla and cherry, meaning it goes incredibly well with most meat and cheese dishes. This is a red that you can enjoy in front of a roaring fire on a wintery night or with a good meal.

The Three Mills Reserve Rose, personally this is my favourite of the 3 wines, I like a good rose wine, this is the perfect drink to start off a meal, BBQ or sitting in the sun, it is light and refreshing. Has a great raspberry and cherry flavour that really get’s the tastebuds going.

Raspberry and Champagne Chocolates by RHS (Royal Horticultural Society)

For mother’s day, you can go with the traditional box of chocolates, by why would you want to? Well, your mum is special and should be treated so, so why not make the effort and give her something that she wouldn’t have had before. These Raspberry and Champagne Truffles will give you mum that something special, they retail at £8.50 a bag, however they are so worth it, especially to see the smile you get from giving them as a mother’s day gift. There are a number of other flavours to choose from including: Crystallised Prosecco Truffles and Pink Gin and Tonic Truffles.

SIGG Mum Fuel Drinks Bottle

If you have a mum who’s always on the go, then the SIGG Mum Fuel drinks bottle is just the ticket for her. It is BPA free, leak proof and can even handle fizzy drinks and it is also made in Switzerland, so you have a mark of quality. This is a metal drinks bottle, so it can take a knock and it still won’t leak. It is available online and retails at £15.99 for one or £30 for two, if you are planning ahead, you could get the second bottle for a father for fathers day.

Gourmet Coconut Bowls with Spoons

If you want something really different and someone that every foodie will love, then these Gourmet Coconut Bowls with Spoons are just it. They are made from reclaimed coconut shells, meaning that they are 100% natural, eco-friendly, lightweight and they are all hand made. Because they are made from reclaimed coconut shells, it means that every bowl is unique, with it’s own shape, pattern, colour and design. You will truly have a one of a kind, 4 as it comes in a set of 4. You can get them from Amazon at only £19.95, such a bargain!! If you ever have an issue and need more spoons, you have the option to buy additional spoons, so you never need to worry.

Mrs Cuthbert’s Gin Liqueurs

Gin is big at the moment, more and more people are drinking gin and I’m sure your mum may have enjoyed a tipple or two. Well Mrs Cuthbert’s Gin Liqueurs are bringing a whole new game to gin, this one can be used in your cooking, so if you fancy trying a Rhubarb and Custard gin in your next crumble or even the lemon drizzle gin in the perfect lemon drizzle cake, then these are ideal. Of course you can drink the gin with tonic or even prosecco, just enjoy gin. They are available online at Amazon they cost £13.99 each.

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  1. Louis Bowden

    Ohhh that gin looks really nice, nice gift guide and some good ideas here! Might have to get some of them coconut bowls for myself, so unique!

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