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I’ll let you in on a little secret, I don’t come up will all the recipes myself. I know, terrible right? I have LOADS of cookbooks and happen to be one of the people who love collecting them. If you’re looking for unique cookbooks, you’ve come to the right place.

Maybe you’re looking for a new cookbook for your collection, or you could possibly be looking for a fun geek cookbook for a friend or family member. I’ve got some of the best and I say the best because I’ve tried them and they’re ace!

I’ve decided to make a list of fun cookbooks that you can purchase. I have this Lilo and Stitch cookbook on pre-order as well so maybe check that out if you’re a Lilo and Stitch fan like I am! Just remember, if you’re getting a new cookbook, do you have room for it?

Fun Drinks Cookbooks!

Buzzworthy: Cocktails Inspired by Female Literary Greats

I love this cocktails cookbook. Can we call a drinks book a cookbook? It’s got some amazing cocktails that are inspired by Female figures who have quite frankly changed the world and changed how I drink. If you’re looking to shake up your drinking on the weekends instead of something in a can, this is the perfect book for you!

Honestly, if you’ve got a nice patio set and have friends visiting you have to make some of these interesting and tasty cocktails! Buy the Buzzworthy Cocktails cookbook on Amazon now!

Buzzworthy cocktails cookbook

Food Unique Cookbooks

Take a look at these cookbooks I have, you’re bound to love them. If you’re a total geek like me you’re going to see some that you must have, make sure you get them. Life is for living and who says owning cookbooks is a bad thing? It’ll make your creations a bit more interesting.

These geek cookbooks are great if you’re hosting a party or maybe even a D&D party. Who wouldn’t want to hang out with friends and enjoy geek themed snacks?

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Cookbook!

Have I ever mentioned that my partner is born on May 4th, so of course I have a Star Wars cookbook in my house! This Star Wars cookbook has some of the best snacks and meals in that I’ve ever seen, they don’t have a death star cake though which I think they should.

This is the official black spire outpost cookbook, the ultimate must for fans of Star Wars and chefs! You can buy the Official Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Cookbook from Amazon today!

Star Wars Cookbook

The Marmite Cookbook

You either love it or you hate it, which one are you? This unique cookbook is one of my favourites. I love Marmite whereas my partner cannot stand the stuff, which means there’s more for me! This fun cookbook has so many weird and interesting recipes to make, where are you going to start?

You are going to need a large tub of marmite if you have this cookbook that’s for sure. You can buy the official Marmite cookbook on Amazon today!

Fallout Cookbook

I love Fallout and this has to be one of the most epic gaming cookbooks of all time. When I got it there was nothing like it on the market, now there are tons. Some of the recipes in this book are super weird but if you’ve played Fallout, you’d know why.

If you have a nerd in the family or you happen to be one yourself, get this amazingly brilliant geek cookbook! They’ll thank you for it. Get the Fallout Cookbook on Amazon now!

Coca-Cola: The Cookbook

I love cooking with Coca-Cola which is why my audience like this Slow Cooker Diet Coke Gammon recipe, it’s a firm favourite. If you like cooking with Coke then this unique cookbook is for you, or maybe you know someone who loves cooking with Coca-Cola, they need this cookbook.

There are so many wonderful recipes in this book, both baking and drinks as well so there’s something for everyone. You can get the Coca-Cola Cookbook on Amazon now!

Haynes Men’s Baking Manual

Know a man in your life who need to learn to use the kitchen a little more? Get him this very interesting cookbook and watch the magic happen. This unique cookbook has so many amazing recipes. Haynes also has so many amazing cookbooks and I have quite a few so I can easily recommend them!

It also makes for an amazing Christmas or Birthday gift, or maybe that’s just me who would want this Haynes cookbook for Christmas. You can buy the Haynes Men’s Baking Manual on Amazon now!

Unique Cookbooks

If you have any cool, fun cookbook suggestions please do let me know, I’d love to get them and possibly add them to this post. I love making weird and unusual recipes as well, I don’t upload them on here much but maybe I’ll start making more and posting recipes so you can see how they finally turn out in the end.

I also love geek cookbooks, my partner is a massive geek and is always playing one game or another, he loves Fallout and Star Wars which is why I featured the cookbooks. Below are some books that I’m thinking about getting have you tried the nerd cookbooks below?

8 unique cookbooks you need in your kitchen!

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