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My Kitchen Must Have’s

So we talk lots about food, losing weight  etc, but we never talk about what we really need in the kitchen. I’m not taking about food, I’m talking about equipment, tools and devices, anything and everything that makes my life in the kitchen easy, stress free and fun.

I wanted to tell you about some things that I couldn’t do or live without (other than my partner!). I have also seen some amazing products that I want for no other reason other than I want them, as I think they are cool.

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Must Haves:

Soup Maker

I was kind enough to be bought one of these amazing devices by my best friend for Christmas. OMG I have to say this is the best thing in the world!!! Its so simple, makes my life easier and its easy and quick to clean. I have only tried to make a couple of soups so far, but I will be making some more and posting the recipes.


Good Knives

Wow this sounds so simple, but you can’t cook in a kitchen without good knives. You need to make sure you have sharp, decent, good weighted knives, not any cheap rubbish. It’s worth investing in good knives as others can result in injury and take-away calls.


Great Pan with Lid

You need a heavy bottom pan with a lid, it can be used for so much. From stews, curries, chilli’s and even soups (if you don’t have a soup maker).


Stand Mixer

So when making cakes and treats, it makes you life easy with having a good mixer. I remember the days of having to whisk egg white for merengue, oh yeah it was only back in June 2015, lol. Like I said before, I want to make the time in the kitchen enjoyable and easy.


Egg Timer

If I didn’t have an egg timer in the kitchen half the time, I would forget about some of the things I cook. I would burn cakes, have over cooked hard boiled eggs and even mess up toast. In all seriousness, I’m not too bad, but when I am cooking deserts, I really need a timer as I usually end up doing something else in the flat and forget that it’s cooking.

egg timer


Egg Squarer

I have no idea why I want one, but I found it on another blog and thought that it would be really cool to have one. I know you are thinking, why the hell would you want a square egg? To be perfectly honest, I don’t know, by why not?? I might get one and will post about the results.


N.B This page will be updated as and when I change my mind on the products I have and want. 

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