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The Perfect Christmas Cooking Gifts for Any Baker

https://www.instagram.com/mattscafee/So I got some new kitchen equipment, stuff that I can use for making some great foods. The lovely people over at FindMeaGift spotted me and asked me if there was anything I wanted, well in terms of in the kicthen.

Well as I’m such a pain in the backside to buy for, findmeagift also sent me some links that they thought I may be interested in.  Well, I must say, they have absolutely LOADS to choose from, but with their recommendations, I finally picked 2 items. The first is a ceramic mixing bowl and the second is an awesome cookie cutter stamp, so not only will you be able to cut out some great designs, ideal for Christmas, Birthday, special occassions or even for some fun.

As you can see from the bowl, it’s more than just a mixing bowl, it is a personalised mixing bowl, so now when I am cooking, people can see that it is made with love from Matt’s Cafe.

Now the cookie cutter, you may be thinking, ok it’s a cookie cutter, yes I get that, but this is not your everyday cookie cutter. This one is special, you can use the letters and symbols underneath to inprint onto the cookies, so when they bake, they hold the pattern and look like this.

If you have a person who loves cooking, but are difficult to buy for, then check out there personalised mixing bowl and cookie cutter. These would make a perfect addition to anyones kitchen.


Why not check out some of my recipe where you will be able to see these amazing products in use. If you like why you see, check out my instagram for more cook pictures.

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