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I cook and bake all the time and as a hobby, it can be a lot of fun, however since I took on this blog and share amazing recipes with my audience, it’s become a little more than a hobby. Baking isn’t something I can do in my downtime anymore and that’s why I’ve found other outlets to use.

Earlier this month I decided to take a look at twitch, gaming is an outlet of mine and although I decided to start streaming myself cooking recipes I also found a whole new world of food gaming I never knew existed!

That being said a lot of games are expensive!! My partner has a steam library and it’s probably cost at least a thousand to fill it up and on top of that, we have an Xbox and Nintendo Switch so I know how expensive gaming can really be.

Finding Free Food Games Online

So of course you can download them apps where you can play on your phone but is anyone else sick of adverts? Not just that but I don’t want to be sat around, staring at a tiny screen when I’m on my phone most of the day anyway, it’s annoying and reminds me too much of work!

I’ve been playing some fun, relaxing and challenging games at the moment on this, one of my favourites being Open Restaurant! I will say however the most I have ever gotten to is day 7 which is a pain, I’m just not fast enough on the mouse, the more I play however the more I progress!

I’ve been playing a few games on now. I’m not going to beat around the bush, the games are totally free and enjoyable. I love the fact that you can see people have actually played the game, they leave reviews and you can scan them over quickly if you’re not sure about it, the only reason I played Open Restaurant in the first place was due to the raving reviews!

Online Gaming

So obviously I’m a food blogger, I’m not going to always want to play food games because I do enough with food as it is. Other than playing games on the Xbox at the end of the day it’s nice to play a quick bit of anything while I’m “supposed” to be writing up new recipes.

Let’s face it the world can be a touch boring at times so why not jump into a world of magic, action or adventure in between paragraphs! Another game that I’ve become hooked on and have completed too many levels is Kingdom Defence. Protect the castle and save the day!

I will just put out the stark warning that the games can be addictive and you will spend hours playing them, trust me I speak from experience! They have over 200 games on, you’re spoiled for choice, or you know download an app on your phone and get flooded with ads?

If you’re a lover of gaming on your downtime, let me know what you play. The other half is mainly into strategy games with a war theme but that’s not my scene. I’d love to know where you play games as well or do you just prefer to watch them on Twitch?

I’ll be streaming gameplay in the future on my Twitch and I might just feature some games so don’t forget to follow me and see what it’s all about!

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