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Responsibly from Ubrew

Responsibly threat yourself to something new

So I wanted to talk to you all about something that I have seen and heard about, it is call Ubrew. I know that your first thought must be who or what is Ubrew? Well Ubrew is a a members brewing experience, they have 3 locations, London, Manchester and Berlin.

So the basics of what they offer is for you to join as a member, along with 4 friends and brew your own beer. You don’t need to know anything about brewing or beer, all you need is a love and passion for a good taps or beers and their amazing staff help you brew your very own drink.


So where did it all begin? Well it is simple, Brew started out with 500 members who use to brew their own beer, now it has progressed into what they are today and a brand in their own right. Aside from that, they brew some fantastic drinks that you can buy, these do make ideal gifts for Father’s Day, Birthdays and Christmas.


Now here is where things get a little more interesting. Ubrew have recently launched a brand new beer which is being billed as the beer that all the other beers ask you to drink”, and that is called Responsibly. Now you may be wondering why they would call a drink “Responsibly”, well it is a very simple, Responsibly is a low alcoholic Ubrew have recently crafted a new drink called Responsibly, this is a pale ale, but there is one thing I want to point out about this. Responsibly is not just your average beer, it is a low alcohol beer and when I say low alcohol it is 0.5%, so this ideal for drinking responsibly.


So you get a great low alcohol beer and best of all, there is no compromise on the flavour of the beer itself. Responsibly is an ideal drink especially as the summer is fast approaching. Responsibly is ideal for beer gardens, BBQ’s parties and so much more. Another benefit to Responsibly is that you can have a couple of them and be no where near the drink drive limit, now I’m not condoning have a few of these drinks and then driving, what I am saying is that you would be safe knowing that you are still able to drive if you had a bottle.


So how do you get to Brew? Well check out their website here. Also have a look at the website for the low alcohol beer Responsibly here.


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