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Reverse Christmas Advent Calendar ~ #FoodbankAdvent

Reverse Christmas Advent Calendar ~ #FoodbankAdvent

First of all I know some of you will be wondering what is a Reverse Christmas Advent Calendar? Well to put it simply it is the opposite to a chocolate advent calendar. Instead of taking something out of the advent calendar, this is putting something in.

I want to explain more as to what it is, why I’m doing it and where it will go. I decided to do a reverse advent calendar, so I’ve got a large empty box, every day for 25 days, I will be putting something into the box. At the end of the 25 days, I will be taking the box with it’s content to the local food bank, so families who are stuggling to live can eat and actually have an ok christmas. If you are not familiar with food banks, have a look at the Trussell Trust or look at your local church and see if they have one. They are places where families who are struggling are able to go to for food to survive there needs are assessed and then they are given a food parcel containing lots of different bits.

So what will be in my food box? Well that is the fun part, I don’t know the answer to all of that, but what I have decided is to set a double challenge with this, not only will I be doing a reverse advent calendar, but I will be spending £1.00 per day on contents to put into the box. If you don’t know much about food banks, what they are looking for etc, I wanted to run through a few things that are ideal.


What can go into the box: Cereals, Soup, Pasta, Rice, Pasta sauce, Beans, Tinned meat, Tinned vegetables, Tea/coffee, Tinned fruit, Biscuits. Outside of food, there are also other things that are ideal to put into the box and they are: toiletaries (toothpaste, shower gel, shaving foam etc) and hygenie products.

Range of products

What should NOT go into the box – well that is very simple, no fresh or frozen products, as there is no why that they can store this and get it to the appropriate people in time for when they need this.

How am I doing it?

Well to put it simply, when I’m going shopping and getting a few extra bits that are suitable to go into the box, I’m also using a couple of apps on my phone such as Shopmium and Checkout Smart, if I can get FREE products to go into the box, then I’m going right ahead and doing so, every little extra should hopefully mean that a family in need will have some nice bits and bobs.

Now before I go any further, I want to let you know the date that I’m starting this and why then. Well I’m starting this from the 10th November and running until 5th December. You may be thinking why so early, well simple answer is that the food banks are not open Christmas Eve or Christmas Day to drop off and by that time, the people in need won’t get these bits. So if I start on the 20th November, it means that I have time to drop off the box, it is in plenty of time to help a family in need. Nothing more than that really.

What I will be doing is updating my Instagram on a daily basis with what’s going on the box for that day. I will tell you the total amount spent each day too, so if I’ve under spent one day, I will use the money another day. By the time the 25th day has come, I would have only spent £25 in total and you’ll see everything that I’ve been able to get for it.

Now here is the start, I’ve got a big box, it’s nothing special, just a big brown box, not festive at all, until now!!

Now this is a nice start, it’s getting me right into the Christmas spirit, and no I don’t mean a drink(s), it’s making me feel all festive and in the spirit of giving.

It would be great to know if you’ll be joining me on this awesome Reverse Christmas Advent Calendar journey, it would be great to see the things that you are putting in your box and how it has helped people in need at this time of the year. If you are going to take part, please use the hashtag #FoodbankAdvent. Let’s make a difference to the Christmas of people who are less fortunate than us.

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