Review of ETI SuperFast Thermapen Thermometer

Review of ETI SuperFast Thermapen Thermometer - insta

As summer is fast approaching; it is usually time to dust off the BBQ and start thinking about some great recipes that can be cooked on the BBQ. If you are anything like me, there is always a worry that food is not cooked through properly, so you tend to cook the food for the little bit too long. This usually results in food being, well either burnt or just not cooked.But I have found a solution and that is a thermometer.

There is one way to check whether food is cooked through properly and that is to get yourself a proper thermometer. The lovely people over at ETI Ltd gave me just one to give a go and see what I thought.

How about the thermometer?

Now the ETI SuperFast Thermapen Thermometer is some something to be sniffed at, they are not the cheapest to buy, and I will be honest with you, you can tell why they cost what they do. The RRP on Amazon is £63, but this should last you a lifetime. The thermometer is not just for the BBQ season. I cook a lot of food on my George Forman Grill, and I always end up cutting the food in half to make sure that it is cooked through. What I should say is that I use to cut the food in half to check, this thermometer means that I can have good food in the condition it should be in. I use the thermometer to check that the temperature is at the right level.


The SuperFast Thermapen Thermometer has firmly become one of my must have gadgets in the kitchen, this is on par with my food mixer. So what can I tell you about the thermometer? Well first of all it has a splash proof design, so it means it can be cleaned properly (not in the dishwasher), but can be washed by hand and dried ready for its next use. Now for the safety conscious of us, you may be wondering about bacteria and making sure it is clean, the SuperFast Thermapen Thermometer has a “Biomaster” additive which reduces the growth of any bacteria, also the seal around the thermometer is a great ergonomic rubber seal with reduces the risk of anything getting into it (food, water etc).

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Now the interesting part, the SuperFast Thermapen Thermometer has a really fast reader, it takes 3 seconds to read the temperature of the food you are cooking, not only that but it is extremely precise read-out and can cover temperatures range of -49.9 to 299.9°C with an accuracy of 0.1°C, Which in all honesty is more than enough when you are cooking meats on the BBQ or in the kitchen. This thermometer is also perfect on your bakes too.

The only thing really left to say is that the SuperFast Thermapen Thermometer comes with batteries and they will last a minimum of 3,000 hours, meaning that it will last you more than enough time and well worth the money.

If you are looking to get that certain something for a present for birthday, Christmas or for any other occasion, then this is the ideal gift for them.

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