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Slimming World is Suing Aldi

Slimming World To Sue Aldi over Slimming Meals

Aldi recently released a range of Slim Free ready meals, to help people with eating a bit more healthy and as usual, at the Aldi price.

I saw these in Aldi couple of weeks ago, they look similar to Slimming World products, BUT the huge difference is price, oh and more importantly, they are actually lower in calories than Slimming World meals.

I have tried the Chicken Tikka Masala and Meatballs and Pasta and you know what, they are great. Means that with the winter drawing in, I can have something healthy to eat at work.

Now as it stands today, Slimming World have totally kicked off about this. They are acussing Aldi of basically ripping off their products and brand for their own use. If you compare Slimming World, Aldi and Asda, yes there are similarities, but shouldn’t that mean that Slimming World needs to also sue Asda?

I’m sure you will agree that there are a lot of similarities between brands in terms of colours and designs, but is this just Slimming World not liking that Aldi have done a cheaper version which is also lower in calories? Is it because the public have found a cheaper alternative to the price of the Slimming World?

Personally I don’t think this is fair at all. What are your thoughts on this Do you agree with what Aldi have done or are you on the side of Slimming World and think Slimming World is in the wrong?

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  1. It’s not to do with the price it’s about the amount of syns one of those meals contain… one of the meals is fifteen syns… it’s false advertising and can be detrimental to someone on the slimming world plan that thinks they’ve grabbed a bargain, moral is to always check the syns and never believe anything that doesn’t have the slimming world logo… also the did threaten legal action with Asda for their slim range to which Asda retracted any connection to slimming world to stop 🙂

    • Personally I don’t think Aldi have done anythinbg wrong, they have created a low calorie meal for people who are dieting, they have not said that they are doing this as a cheap Slimming World meal nor have they said that they have an affiliation with Slimming world. If someone is on a healthy eating plan, whether that Slimming World, Weight Watchers or any other, the person buying should do the research and check that it fits in with the plan.


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