A Special Treat with Edinburgh Gin for Mothers Day

For something a little special for all the mothers out there, I think that the Edinburgh Gin is a true treat. Recently gin has had a huge revival and hit the cocktail bars and grown hughly in the supermarket shelves. There are so many varieties of gin to choose from and try, it is a tough challenge knowing where to start. I’m not going to suggest starting at the left and finish on the right, if I tried doing that I would probably fall over hal way through and not even make it to the end.

You could always begin with the bog standard of a “green bottled” gin, you know the one that I mean and it’s the one that a standard in bars and pubs across the UK, but where would the fun be? Branch out and see what else in on the market, you’ll be surprised at what is available, I know I’ve been surprised at what is out there.

What I want to do is talk to you about one such gin that I have recently discovered, with the help of The LUX Team and Edinburgh Gin, the is called Valentines Gin.

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Before you say it, why would you give a valentines drink to your mother? Well irrelivant of the name, the flavours are truly out of this world. This gin is goodness in a bottle infused with rose petals and hibiscus flowers, this fruity-floral gin is ideal with a simple tonic and a slice or in a cocktail, such as a Rhubarb, Rose and Pomegranate Cosmopolitan.

Just like most gins, this Edinburgh gin is made with juniper, when you first taste the gin, you will be immediately met with rose petal, the floral sweetness is balanced out with coriander and heather. It shows truly that this gin is enjoyable and something a bit special, perfect to show appreciation to any mothers.

If you have any other suggestions for mother’s day gifts, then please share them it is always good to get some more ideas.

As I don’t drink that much, and when I mean I don’t drink, seriously it’s a couple of times a year and usually either a special event or when I am on holiday. I have recently been getting into gin, I have found that I can really enjy a gin and tonic, prefer that over a cocktail. I have been surprised at the quality and flavours available, I have to say that elderflower is a favourite of mine, but will update once I have tried more and if my opinion has changed.

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