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Sweetener & Spice and All Things Nice!!

Sweetener and Spice and all things nice! This could have so many meanings, but in the world of food, what does it mean? To put it simply it is to use some little extras to make your food, meals and snacks that little bit more delicious and wonderful.

If you like to eat healthy foods, it doesn’t need to be plain, bland or boring, I cook and make a number of Slimming World recipes, and I can assure you that my cooking is far from boring and run of the mill.

Why not check out some of my recipes such as Pulled Pork or Thai Stir Fry or even Sweet Potato and Red Pepper Soup.

So when you are cooking, why not try adding some herbs, spices and flavours to what you are making, the best thing to do is to keep your taste buds titillated.


Ok, so before you start with the questions, like how many syns will I have to use to add spices to my food, well that’s a very easy and simple answer, ZERO, none, nada, nothing, not one!!. Spices are allowed on Slimming World, so make sure you use some, get them into your means.



Some simple ideas could be to add some herbs to soups or sprinkled over a chicken before roasting or some pepper on your steak, some chilli in your burgers or even lemon juice into your tuna. Why not experiment with flavours, you will always find something you like and want to try again and again.

Think about what you can add to add extra flavours into your meals.

Don’t forget, Slimming World in not a diet, it’s a way of life, it is a healthy eating lifestyle, so don’t make it boring, don’t let it be mundane. Make food exciting, make food passionate, make it the reason why you eat and show people that the food you make is better than the what they make.

Let me know what you use and what recipes, share your ideas and any pictures of your creations, please share!!

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