The Best Sunday Breakfast You Can Imagine

The Best Sunday Breakfast You Can Imagine

For most of us, breakfast is a quick meal managed between putting your socks on and trying to tame your hair into something more work-appropriate. But breakfast is a really important meal and when you have a bit more time at the weekend, it deserves a little extra je ne sais quoi.

So, if you are bored with the same old bowl of cornflakes and looking for something a little more exciting to brighten up your Sunday, here are a few ideas you will love.


A good cup of builder’s tea is all very well but if you are planning a special weekend breakfast, you might like to upgrade your drinks options. You can get lots of different types of loose leaf tea which are ideal for putting in that teapot you hardly ever use!

If you are a coffee person then now is the time to do something more exciting than a plain Americano. You can make any of these coffees at home quite easily – you just need to get the right ingredients in first.

Smoothies are also great at breakfast time and present the perfect opportunity for getting a bit more fruit into your kids. The basis for most good smoothies is very simple: half a banana, a few spoonfuls of natural yoghurt and a squirt of honey. Add any kind of berries to this mixture and blend for a minute or two for a delicious drink.


Overnight oats offer a quick and simple recipe that can be adapted in a few different ways. You can play about with the basic recipe quite easily, adding fruits and nuts to your taste. Plus, if you make your overnight oats in a cute little kilner jar, you can take it to work with you rather than have to rush it before you leave the house on a regular day too!

But for a Sunday, a cooked breakfast is always a lovely treat. Eggs are really good for you and provide vitamin B as well as plenty of low fat protein. Scrambled or poached eggs on toast are a firm favourite in lots of households but omelettes are yet another breakfast recipe you can switch up with different ingredients.

Pancakes are always a popular option and you can put a few different toppings on the table and let everyone serve themselves to avoid arguments if you like! Simple lemon and sugar is lovely but feel free to branch out with toppings like maple syrup and blueberry, rhubarb compote and even mushrooms and tomatoes.

Breakfast with Friends

Though sharing breakfast with friends might sound weird, breakfast is actually a great time to get together. Indeed, if you are young, free and single, you might even consider going on breakfast dates. With a bit of thought, breakfast can be more than a speedy meal and can actually be just as enjoyable as a dinner date.

When you can make the best breakfast, why would you not choose to share it?

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