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Perfect Cake with Bakerdays Review & Competition

The Perfect Father’s Day Cake with bakerdays (Competition)

With Father’s Day approaching, if you don’t know when it is, well it’s on Sunday 17th June, it can be a challenge knowing what to get him for Father’s Day. If your father is anything like mine, he has everything and rarely needs anything, which is super frustrating.

Well I think I have a solution.

Why not get something that he would not have thought of, something that can be sent through the post, something that he could receive and not expect what so ever. Well I have done this recently.

I got a letterbox Father’s Day cake sent through the post to my dad, it arrived perfectly well on time. Now If you are anything like me, you would have had things sent through the post, delivery can sometimes be an issue, or it sometimes gets there and it’s not to the quality you may expect, well I had the same thoughts and concerns with a letterbox cake. Well, bakerdays do something I have NEVER seen before done with a cake sent through the post. (I must add, I’ve not had a cake sent through the post before).

Perfect Cake with Bakerdays Review & Competition

Not only do the cake look great, they are sent in a metal tin with air holes!! You can see from the pictures that the cake comes in an awesome tin, this means that the cake will stay fresh and not go funny during transit. It is also a great protection for the cake, we all know what delivery drivers can be like, but Bakerdays have made it so easy.

Now, this is where it just keeps getting better, my dad was completely blown away by this cake, he didn’t know what to say and was more than surprised that I had a cake sent through the post. When he opened the tin, he saw an awesome cake inside. The cake itself cuts perfectly and the sponge is moist and the icing is just the right thickness. Personally I can’t rate bakerdays high enough for making something special for my dad.

Now the wonderful people over at bakerdays have give me 2 perks here, they have given me a code to give to my wonderful readers for 15% discount off their cakes. the code is MATTSCAFE15, the code is valid until 31st May 2018, if you make an order, please use this code and benefit from the discount.

Now for the next part, bakerdays are going to give one of you wonderful readers the chance to win letterbox cake for yourself . All you have to do is enter below:

bakerdays Father’s Day Cake Competition
Now the important bits ~ Winner will be chosen at random. www.mattscafe.co.uk decision is final. Winner will have 5 days to reply with full postal address, due to nature of the prize, otherwise, another winner will be chosen. The prize will be sent from bakerdays and not directly from www.mattscafe.co.uk.

This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or Facebook.

Good luck in the competition, make sure you come back and check in on a daily basis to see how to enter daily.

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  1. Pauline black

    Coffee cake!

  2. Tricia cowell

    Red Velvet – yummy

  3. Debbie Preston

    Chocolate brownies

  4. Annalise O'Neill

    As long as there is Chocolate involved I’m a happy bunny!! :o)

  5. Hannah Thompson

    Chocolate cake ☺️ Especially chocolate butterfly buns, I just wish I was better at baking them myself lol

  6. Jeanette Leighton

    I love chocolate cake

  7. zoe brown

    fruit cake love it

  8. stephanie

    red velvet cake

  9. Lisa Shepherd

    wow this would be fab, my fave cake has to be a carrot cake x

  10. Sam Parkes

    Carrot cake yummylicious

  11. Tammy Neal

    Lemon drizzle x

  12. Miss Tracy Hanson

    HUMMINGBIRD is our current favourite as we’ve only JUST discovered it, or LEMON DRIZZLE which has been a firm favourite for a few years.

  13. Kim Neville

    I like chocolate fudge cake

  14. Elinor Bevan

    the lemon drizzle doesn’t get enough recognition!!

  15. tina Glover

    Love a good sticky toffee pudding or a nice chocolate cake. Fab selection of cakes on the website. Would love to surprise my hubby with one from our daughter.

  16. Rebecca roberts

    Mine has to be good old chocolate cake yum so nice x

  17. Joanna Kasznicki

    lemon drizzle cake

  18. paula cheadle

    a gluten-free chocolate sponge cake for my hubby

  19. Natalie Crossan

    Chocolate fudge cake 🙂 So delicious x

  20. Tracy Newton

    We are big fans of Victoria Sponge cake

  21. Donna Clinton

    I just love Lemon cake!

  22. dina gregory

    i like the cute dragon ones and it what my youngest would pick for his dad x

  23. Margaret GALLAGHER

    Lemon and vanilla is my favourite

  24. Lydia Frew

    Either a good chocolate brownie or a lovely moist carrot cake.

  25. Jessica Barber

    Chocolate fudge cake!!!

  26. Emma Watson

    Lemon drizzle cake wins it hands down for me every time – gets the taste buds tingling!

  27. Nadia Josephine

    Victoria Sponge is the absolute best and it is delicious 🙂 Although in fairness I do love most cake! Also like anything with raspberry jam

  28. Vicky Hawkins

    lemon cake

  29. Rachel Craig

    Carrot cake.

  30. sarah fielding

    Definitely a classic victoria sponge!

  31. Carole Nott

    Great giveaway – my favourite cake always is chocolate based

  32. Ruth Kromkamp

    Red Velvet!

  33. john prendergast

    salted caramel cake

  34. Sherrill Todd

    Wow what a generous give away!really really nice of you.my favourite cake is a iced bun(probably not even a cake but I’m a simple gal?)my father on the other hand loves any cake in the world and would love a cake for father’s day.

  35. Samantha J Butler

    Lemon cheesecake ?

  36. Samantha J Butler

    Lemon cheese cake

  37. Sheila Reeves @cakereev

    I love a Lemon Drizzle cake – or a rich chocolate cake

  38. Suzanne Jackson

    Carrot cake

  39. Margaret Clarkson

    Cherry and Almond

  40. Danielle Spencer

    I love a victoria sponge but also love a chocolate fudge cake!

  41. Kyomi Johnson

    Victoria sponge has to be my favourite cake

  42. Andi Gurney

    LOve a good choc cake

  43. Linda Ford

    Classic Victoria sponge!

  44. Victoria Shiel

    chocolate cake

  45. Jade Hewlett

    My favourite kind of cake is chocolate cake

  46. Chocolate cake is my favourite! 🙂

  47. Jamie Edwards

    I’m a chocolate fudge cake kind of girl 🙂

  48. amanda w

    my fave is the classic victoria sponge! yummy!!

  49. Lauren Boyle

    Chocolate cake yummy!

  50. Sarah Morris

    Victoria sponge

  51. Ana Nunes

    chocolate, always

  52. Michelle Ferguson

    I like lemon drizzle cake

  53. I love a chocolate cake of any sort..yum yum yum

  54. Dale Dow

    oooh it would have to be chocolate cake, sickeningly sweet but worth it x

  55. katie smith

    Coffee and Walnut is my fave cake. Would love to win this for my partner, it’s his birthday on the 17th as well.

  56. I love a Victoria Sponge with simple jam and cream – yum x

  57. Anthony G.

    My favourite cake is definitely carrot cake (followed closely by a good sticky toffee pudding!)

  58. Jules Eley

    My favourite is dairy free cake!

  59. Janet Birkin

    Carrot Cake

  60. I love a lemon drizzle!

  61. Chelsey Hollings

    Chocolate Fudge Yum

  62. Solange

    I love chocolate cake.

  63. Rachael Sexey

    Carrot cake is my absolute favourite ?

  64. Amanda Noble

    I love the “Dad out your feet up” cake on the Bakerdays website x

  65. I think my favourite cake has to be a Carrot cake x

  66. Jo Hutchings

    Anything with maximum amounts of chocolate is my favourite cake!

  67. Susan Smith

    Chocolate cake with buttercream filling, delicious

  68. Simone Griffin

    I love lemon cake but my favourite has to be a classic Victoria sandwich x

  69. Alix Boswell

    Red velvet cake

  70. Laura Bryant

    My favourite is chocolate fudge

  71. The ‘best drinker cake’. It would suit my dad to a T!

  72. Lindsey Stuart

    These cakes look super cute! I just love carrot cake with frost cheese icing! yummy!

  73. Would love to win this amazing prize, the cake looks super yummy and Wales is obviously one of the best places on earth!

  74. sam macaree

    i’m a brownie girl, but i would love to win for my fruitcake loving dad


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