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One thing I’ve started doing a lot more of in 2024 is making my own lunches to take to work to avoid buying food which is overpriced and most of the time unhealthy. Gone are the days when I stare at the vending machines wondering what chocolate I’m going to feast on and I’m now living out of my lunchbox.

I will say that I don’t always make lunches every day and most of the time it’s more of a graze box because I’m so busy at work I don’t have time to sit down and eat a meal. This is why you’ll find snacks in my lunchbox most of the time, it’s my own adult snack box for work!

I would just like to say that with all of the below suggestions I genuinely do like them. I never promote anything food-related that I think tastes disgusting and I hope that this list will help you to build your own adult lunchbox, adult graze box or adult snack box for work!

Adult Lunchboxes

If you’re looking for adult lunchboxes I have a few suggestions that you might like. I prefer to have a lunch box that has compartments which works really well if it’s going to be mainly used as a snack box. I like a lunchbox that keeps everything separate so that I don’t have a pile of mush by the time I get to work!

Take a look at this quick list below to see all of my favourite lunchboxes that you can use for an adult lunchbox, adult snack box or adult graze box!


My main lunchbox is my Sistema lunchbox. It has various compartments which are great. It’s a decent size so I can set up my snack box for the entire week and just work my way through it when I’m feeling peckish and they’re built to last. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours but you can see the one I have in most of my videos and below. I’d suggest grabbing your own Sistema Adult Lunchbox as well!

Adult Lunchbox Snacks

Let’s face it, not everything you put in your lunchbox is going to be healthy and there’s nothing wrong with that. I normally put in chocolate bars for the week, one for each day and I thankfully have the willpower to follow that, although sometimes if it’s a stressful day I’ll demolish the lot!

Take a look at some of the more naughty snacks I like to have in my adult lunchbox and let me know what you think! Take a look at this quick list below for all of my suggestions if you don’t want to read everything!

Adult Lunchbox Chocolate Snacks


I love filling my adult snack box up with NOMO goodness! Their chocolate bars are the one thing that keeps me going some days and they’re the perfect healthier alternative to “normal” chocolate bars like your standard Cadbury. Their bars are dairy-free, gluten-free, egg-free and nut free. They still taste amazing, bursting with flavour and I can enjoy every bite. They’re also the perfect size for my Sistema lunchbox!


These delicious lunch box additions are made from cage-free eggs, have no preservatives and are palm oil-free! They’re the perfect snacks to enjoy for both children and adults and make amazing inclusions for your adult lunchbox. They’re full of chocolate goodness without the tons of calories that most chocolate snacks have.

They’re affordable so you won’t break the bank filling your lunchbox each week and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes so you can have something new everyday! If you’re looking for perfect chocolate snacks for your adult lunchbox, try these on for size!

Vegan Lunchbox Snacks

I just want to point out that not all vegan foods taste vegan. You wouldn’t have a clue sometimes and they can be bursting with flavour you’d not have expected. Take a look at some of the vegan snacks for my lunchbox that I love and maybe try something new for yourself!

Tropical Sun Foods

I love Tropical Sun Foods, they’re so tasty and the perfect snacks to go into my adult snack box! The snacks I include are vegan and oh-so-good. I have a little pot in my Sistema Lunchbox and they hold some of the nuts that I get from Tropical Sun easily and keep them fresh for when I’m enjoying them!

If you’ve not taken a look at their foods before, my top suggestion would be their Buffalo Wing Seasoned Almonds. Most people have allergies to peanuts but not almonds and these are just delicious, the perfect inclusion for my adult snack box!

Tropical Sun Foods also has these amazing Plantain Chips that I can’t get enough of! They’re vegan, come in huge tubs so you can put some into your adult graze box for the week and have more for when it needs refilling and they come in a variety of flavours. If I was to recommend one of them it would have to be the Plantain Chips Tub – Sweet Chilli for sure. It gives that kick which helps you find motivation to finish your work day!

Kallo Veggie Thins

If you’re looking for something that’s healthy, vegan and veggie friendly and tastes amazing to go into your adult lunchboxes, take a look at these Kallo Veggie Thins! They’re gluten-free, high in fibre, a great source of protein and have no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

They’re made from chickpeas and come in a variety of flavours, my favourite being their rosemary and sea salt thins. If you’re like me and like to snack during the day, these thins are the things you need! Also super affordable.

Healthy Adult Snacks

I know a lot of people want to have a nice healthy lunchbox filled with healthy snacks and I’m not saying I don’t I’m just saying that sometimes healthy snacks can be a pain to find and they don’t always hit the spot! However, I’ve found some healthy lunchbox snacks for adults that you might just love, I know I do. I would just like to point out that I do not promote anything that I don’t like.

Teff Cookies

These cookies as I call them are so tasty! They are high in fibre, plant based, gluten free and have no artificial flavourings in them. They’re perfect for people who want more fibre in their lunchbox snacks and their flavour combinations are to die for and just the pick me up you need while working.

Personally, if I had to pick a favourite it would be their chocolate orange. My partner is more swayed towards their cinnamon sultana ones. They’re also the perfect size for most adult lunchboxes!

High Protein Adult Snacks

Love going to the gym but still have to work as well? Then you might want some high protein snacks in your box! Take a look at some of the high protein snacks that end up in my lunchbox and maybe include something yourself. I can’t get over how tasty some of the high protein snacks I have are and sometimes I wish I could get everyone to try them, that being said there would then be less for me and that’s no fun!

The High Protein Ball Co.

Fancy a quick snack in your adult snack box which is high in protein, tastes good and isn’t really dry like some protein snacks? Then you should try eating balls, more specifically high protein balls from The Protein Ball Company! They’re high in protein, come in various flavours and are enjoyable to eat.

Personally, if I had to recommend one of their flavours I would have to say hands down, Cherry Bakewell for sure. It’s like eating the cake but still being protein-conscious!

Drinks For Adult Lunchboxes

You can’t have an adult lunch box without drinks otherwise you’re going to get a very dry mouth. Take a look at some of these drinks that are perfect for an adult snackbox.


If you’e looking for something delicious in your lunch to enjoy while working away, Vitacoco have some amazing choices for you. They have coconut water that is bound to refresh your day but my firm favourite has to be the Vitacoco Choc-O-Lot drink. It’s full of chocolate goodness and is dsiry free and vegan, what’s not to love.

Take a look at their unique coconut drink range for more inspiration for your adult lunchbox.

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