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Tony Roma's, Bangkok, Thailand

Tony Roma’s Resturant Bangkok, Thailand

While on holiday in Bangkok Thailand, I thought I would try out a resturant that I discovered earlier this year (in Benidorm, Spain) called Tony Roma’s. I had a good experience at the one in Spain, the service was good, the room was very good, so I pretty much expected the same at their resturant in Bangkok.

They have their resturant in Terminal 21, which is a shopping complex, cositing of 8 floors, mainly fashion and retail outlets, but they have 2 floors dedicated to food.


There is so much to choose from, from noodles, fish, a portugese Peri Peri place (a little like Nandos) but not as good, and Tony Roma’s. From the outside the resturant looks very small and unassuming, on the inside, it is a bit like a tardis, lots of space and a great view over the Asok Junction (mental traffic).


My partner and I decided that we would give a good old burger a try as we needed something different from all the local foods. We has some starters, chicken goujons and potato skins, then we had a cheese and bacon burger.


We have noticed that when we have been in other countries and eaten out, the beef is usually cooked medium. My partner does not like meat anything other than well done. So we placed our order and chatted about the holiday so far and discussed other plans that we had for the holiday.


The drinks came out quickly, the orange Fanta was a bit more orange that we are use to, but it seems the same everywhere in Thiland.

Then followed the starters, not this is where the dissapointment started. The chicken goujon’s were dry and not very nice, the potato skins were thinner than I have experienced and burnt. So we both thought, great, what are the burgers going to be like if they can’t cook chicken properly.

The burgers came out not long after we finished the starters, the chips looked overcooked, the burger appeared nicely cooked, but when you get rid of the fat that was dripping from it, the burger was dry as anything.

So we had a meal that was of very poor quality, tasted like on an old car tyre and feeling very dissapointed, we thought, well they have ruined the starter and main, surely the can’t also mess up a dessert, can they?


We the answer to that is no, they did well with a skillet cookie and ice cream.

Throught the meal, the continuously topped out drinks up, without asking, which was nice, especially as the soft drinks were unlimited.


Personally I have to say that the service was some of the best that I have expierienced in any country, but the food was meh. As a rating, the service was 4 star, the food was a 2 star, so overall I would have to give them a solid 3 star. As you can see from the pictures, you can see what the food looked like.


I’m sure I would give Tony Roma’s another try, but not in Bangkok, I would try them again in another country.

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