WaxWrap Sustainable Food Storage Competition!

So I’m always trying to go more eco at home, I’ve been trying a few swaps and one of my favourites has to be ditching clingfilm and replacing it with wraps made of beeswax. The best ones I’ve found so far are from WaxWraps and I’ve been using them for months!

You may have seen them in my Lifestyle Christmas Gift guide where I rant about how great they are! I use the wax wrap roll to line the inside of my cake tins when I take cakes or cookies into work and they are great. They’re reusable and so much better for the environment than baking paper!

I’m giving one of my lucky winners the chance to win their own WaxWrap set worth £36! Who wouldn’t want to win that! Just in time for the Christmas and New Years leftovers as well!

All you have to do is enter the competition below and you’re in with a chance to win! Don’t forget to come back every day for your daily bonus entry, giving yourself more of a chance to win this amazing wrap bundle! Take a look at the terms and conditions as well!


WaxWrap Sustainable Food Storage Competition

Terms & Conditions

You MUST be 18 or over to enter the competition. The prize must be claimed within 7 days of the winner being notified.

This is a joint competition with Matt’s Cafe and WaxWrap. WaxWrap will be sending the prize directly to the lucky winner.

Once the prize has been dispatched the item is out of our hands and we’re unable to send replacement prizes.

All actions through Gleam must be completed, these will be verified and if the winner chosen is found not doing this, a new winner will be drawn. UK ONLY.

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45 thoughts on “WaxWrap Sustainable Food Storage Competition!”

  1. Michelle Lewis-Robertson

    I found a electric piano on fb market place for my son. Hes wanted one for a long time

  2. Patricia Avery

    Books for hubby. He left school age 14, 60 years ago having never read a book for pleasure. I have always been a bookworm since being a fluent reader before I even started school. We couldn’t afford a TV for the first few years of marriage so he started reading some of my books and he hasn’t looked back since!

  3. Alison Johnson

    I bought my Hubby a Leonardo Da Vinci Art Book containing his drawings to remind him of an exhibition we went to 20 years ago.

  4. Tracy Newton

    I’ve bought my hubby a beer making kit. I might regret that when he makes a mess all over the kitchen and leaves all the clearing up to me.

  5. Nicola Maycock

    we do a family secret santa every year, so we all get 1 decent gift and its so much better. i’ve got my mum this year so bought her a lovely gift shes been looking at for months 🙂 cant say yet in case someone sees it!

  6. Valerie Seal

    We’ve just had a 10 day power cut, so have discovered we haven’t enough power banks and lanterns, so that’s what hubby’s getting!

  7. Lorraine Tinsley

    I got a Christmas ornament for my mother in law to commemorate the passing of her father so she can remember him at Christmas time.

  8. I haven’t particularly got anyone anything special but I have got my dad a personalised quality street tin with just his favourites in!

  9. Andrew Scott

    We’ve paid for a safety qualification to allow our son to work on yachts next year as a chef.

  10. A lovely afternoon tea for my mum and sister.I spent ages looking for one with a lovely setting so as they can have a nice afternoon out together.

  11. Lesley Walsh

    Ancestry DNA test for my sister in law who wants to break through brick walls in her family tree.

  12. I have got my vertically challenged daughter a jumper which says “I’m not an elf… I’m just short!” I am going to get daggers when she unwraps that one!LOL!

  13. I am buying my best friend some macrame cord and beads as she is a wonderful crafter and she has promised to make something for herself with it!

  14. I’m putting a sweet treat hamper together for my mum… She’s vegetarian and gluten intolerant, so it’s turning out to be harder than I thought x

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