Melitta Solo and Perfect Milk and costa coffee

Melitta has to be one of the biggest names in the world when you think about home coffee machines, the have a superb reputation for producing the highest quality in coffee machines. If you are wondering about the credentials of Melitta, this is the company that invented the coffee filter, so it is safe to say that they know coffee and know how to make the perfect cup.

What is the History of Melitta?

Melitta is a German company which was founded back in 1908 by Melitta Bentz. She actually invented the first coffee filter and granted a patent also in 1908. Since then, the company progressed in the world of coffee, being the absolute industry leader in world of coffee, so much so, they now employ over 3,000 people across their sites.

What is the Melitta Solo & Perfect Milk?

There are a number of bean to cup machines on the market, however you’ll be hard pressed to find something that is this simple to use, relatively quiet in terms of bean to cup machines and is a very good price. You may be thinking that the RRP of £499 is a lot of money, look at is another way. If you buy coffee from a coffee shop, you will be paying around £4 a cup of coffee, if you bought a coffee shop coffee once a day, five days a week, after 6 months, the machine has been paid for, alternatively, look at it this way, after 125 coffee shop coffee’s, your own Melitta Solo & perfect milk has been paid for.

Melitta Solo & Perfect Milk Review

How easy is it to use?

Looking at the coffee machine, you can clearly see that it only has a few buttons and dials, however, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you will not end up with a nice coffee at all. The instruction manual initially looks intimidating as it is very thick for an instruction manual, what you soon realise is that there are only 10 pages in your chosen language, the rest is all other languages.

In terms of use, once you have chosen you desired strength of coffee, you simply press the cup button for it to make 1 cups worth of coffee or press the cup button twice and you will end up with two cups worth. Once the coffee has been made, this is where you realise that you haven’t got a run of the mill bean to . cup coffee machine, this will give you the perfect coffee shop crema, it is very aromatic, flavourful and is a nice brown froth that sits on top of the shot of coffee itself.

The perfect milk is even simpler than the coffee, you have the milk nozzle in a jug of milk, the nozzle sucks up the milk, heats it and gives the perfect temperature milk, so you can enjoy your coffee straight away.

What is Coffee Crema?

As I mentioned previously, the coffee crema is a very aromatic, flavourful and is a nice brown froth that sits on top of the shot of coffee itself. It is formed when the air bubbles combines with the ground coffee soluble oil. Another way to look at the coffee crema, it is like a the popular Irish drink, Guinness.

What comes in the box?

In the box of the Melitta Solo & Perfect Milk , obviously comes the coffee machine itself, but it also comes with a very detailed instruction booklet. It is not filled with loads of rubbish, just everything you need to make great coffee.

Key Features

The Melitta Solo & Perfect Milk is just a beautiful coffee machine, it is compact, has a good weight to it (9kg), so it is not a machine you want to be moving a lot. It makes beautiful, silky smooth coffee, topped off with perfectly frothed milk.

The Solo and perfect milk can make espresso’s, macchiatos, latte’s and more, all with a wonderful crema, giving a true barrista style coffee.

It can make either a single shot or espresso or a double, meaning you can make two coffee’s at once, all with the simple touch of a button. In addition to that, you can adjust the strength of the coffee from mild to intensely strong, you will need to find what is right for your taste.

The machine is simple in design, with only a handful of buttons, so it is not complex to use, however you do get exactly the same perfect coffee ever time you use it.

One of the best key features for me is that the coffee hot, but not to the point that the coffee or milk is burnt, we’ve all had coffee’s which are far too hot and the coffee tastes horrible, this is not the case with this machine.

Where to buy it from?

Even though the Melitta Solo & Perfect Milk has an RRP of £499, I have seen some deals online, check out Amazon. You can also buy it from Currys,, Co-op, Costco, Currys, Lakeland, Hughes, Redber Coffee Roasters, Dawson’s, ECookshop and Bella Barista.

What other machines do Melitta have?

Melitta have a number of coffee machines available which all very on what they do and their prices, I would also say get the machine that you will get the absolute most out of.

They have the Melitta Solo, the Melitta Solo & Milk, the Melitta Varianza CSP, the Melitta CI, and finally the Melitta Passione OT. These are all available at leading retailers as mentioned previously.

What do I think of the Melitta Solo & Perfect Milk?

So I’ve told out about this bean to cup coffee machine, what it can do and what you get for your money. What I haven’t said until now is what I think of the Melitta solo and perfect milk bean to cup coffee machine, is my opinion. This has to be one of the best freshly ground coffee machines that I have every used, it is simple to use, easy to clean and with the touch of a couple of buttons, I have a coffee that is not out of place in any coffee shop around the world. Yes I do think it expensive at £499, however, with the variety of places that it is available from, there are bound to be offers on it, so you can get it cheaper than the RRP.

Is the Melitta Solo & Perfect Milk Worth Buying?

In short, I personally think that it is worth it, yes it is an initial outlay, but if you love a good coffee, it is so worth it.

Melitta Solo Perfect Milk and Costa Coffee

The only difficult part of having a Melitta coffee machine is finding out which coffee beans you want to use, some people think that coffee beans are all the same. Well, if you’re one of those people, you could be more wrong. Finding the right coffee for your taste is a task in itself. I’m still on the journey to try and find the best coffee bean for my taste, however, I do love Costa Coffee, you can buy the Costa Coffee beans directly from Costa or a leading supermarket or online, as well as nice glass Costa Coffee glass mugs. That way, you can have your very own costa coffee at home, and you’ve not had to spend out of take away coffee and you will not be compromising on the quality or taste.

Melitta Solo and Perfect Milk with Costa Coffee


I really like the Melitta Solo and Perfect Milk bean to cup coffee machine, once it is set up and I knew what buttons to press, it was extremely simple to use, so much so, I have nearly gone through a bag of coffee beans in less than a week!! The coffee comes out just as I would want from a coffee shop, a huge benefit with using this machine is that the coffee and the milk is not too hot, meaning that I can first drink the coffee without having to let it cool down for a long time and secondly, the coffee nor the milk are burnt, so I get a perfect coffee each and every time. If you want to save some money with your coffee fix, stop going to the coffee shops and get yourself one of these instead.

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