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Foodies Valentine Gift Guide

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Love is in the air, the food and at home, especially as 2021 is a year full of uncertainty. 2020 saw the UK in a lockdown for most of the year, a big change to the world as we know it and bringing us the new “normal”.

As we are now doing things and working differently, you need to think of some of the different ways to celebrate these special occasions and valentines is one of mine.

A lot of people don’t really do much for valentines, maybe a card, maybe a gift, a lot of people don’t do either, well I’m hoping that by showing you some amazing gift ideas, you will change your made and spoil your partners.

I’m going to show you some wonderful gifts that you can get your other half and enjoy Valentines this year, here are some options to spoil the foodie in your life.

Heineken Beer 0% Alcohol

Have you tried 0% alcohol larger? Well don’t dismiss it, Heineken has brought something special to the table.

Now before you dismiss this or think, why would I drink alcohol-free beer, look at the bigger picture, there could be people who can’t have a beer, are working the following day or some other reason.

Well Heineken is now giving you a light dutch larger, full of the same flavour and quality as the standard version, however, there is no hangover coming with this.

As you can see, they do come in bottle, so you can enjoy a beer with a lovely dinner and make valentines special, all while keeping a clear head.

Please keep an eye out I will be making a larger bread recipe soon and if you haven’t guessed, this will be the alcohol I will be using.

SkinnyBrands Premium Lager

We all love some food and drink, but you have to think about what you’re having so you do wreck your diet. Now you can stay on plan and enjoy a couple of beers without feeling guilty.

Yes, there are some slimming world syns in larger, but you can feel better knowing that there is far less in SkinnyBrands because they have made a larger just for you, it is 89 calories per 330ml bottle 4% abv.

If you want to get some SkinnyBrand larger’s, they are available online at Amazon and some other retailers. You can enjoy a beer, not feel guilty and celebrate valentines day with your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or partner.

Dr Trouble’s Artisan Sauces.

Why not make your valentines one to remember, packed full of flavour, a little spicy and just the right amount of heat. Oh and I’m not talking about in the bedroom.

Dr Trouble’s Artisan Sauces are something that can be given as a fantastic gift for a foodie, showing them that you have really thought about the gift and especially about them.

Here are two amazing sauces, the first is the Lemon Chilli Sauce. This is absolutely perfect gift as it comes in a lovely limited edition tin.

The sauce itself is from a small limited batch of artisan sauce that is produced on a northern Zimbabwean farm. As this sauce uses fresh organic lemon juice, it gives the sauce such a unique and wonderful flavour, that’s what you get when you use good ingredients and not cheap preservatives.

The Lemon Chilli Sauce is absolutely perfect to serve chicken and even some pasta dishes.

Now the Double Oak Smoked Chilli Sauce is again made on the same northern Zimbabwean farm, packed full of African Birds Eye and Cayenne Chilli. This certainly has the kick.

The Double Oak Smoked Chilli Sauce is absolutely perfect to serve steak, chicken and even monkfish dishes.


If you’re wondering where you can buy the Dr Trouble’s Artisan Sauces, you can buy directly from their website or from Amazon. Order now to get it in time for valentines.

Four Roses Bourbon

Now for something a little different and that is Four Roses Bourbon. This is a Small Batch, Award Winning Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. This will make the perfect gift for your loved one this valentines.

We have all seen the big brand bourbons out there, well this is nothing like them, in fact, this is 100% better and you can taste the quality difference.

What makes Four Roses Bourbon different, well their Master Distiller hand selects four original Bourbon recipes and turns it into this magic.

This is certainly a drink that you can enjoy on the rocks, neat or with something, however, just try it on the rocks, you won’t regret it.

As I have previously mentioned, you can buy the Four Roses Bourbon from one of their partners and you can even buy it from Amazon, you need to order this asap to get it in time for valentines.

Buy A Gift and Piglet Pantry

If you struggle with what to get your loved one for a gift, valentines will be a nightmare. I know I’m difficult to buy for. Well one of the best gifts is a voucher for an experience, event and something personal.

There is so much to choose from including car driving track days, spas, breaks away, axe throwing and even foodie treats like a beautiful valentines afternoon tea.

Treat that special person with something that they will never forget.

Piglet Pantry is an Award-Winning food producer in Worthing, they deliver their products all over the UK, so if you fancy a treat and not have to spend loads of time in the kitchen, then you need to check them out.

If you’re wondering what this is, well it is the valentines special called the Love Bubble Afternoon Tea for 2. This is where the magic happens, this afternoon tea is perfect.

If you want to know what is included, we, there are Handmade tarts with Butlers Secret Cheddar, tomato and chives, Traditional sausage rolls, mozzarella and chorizo sausage rolls and chilli jam scotch eggs.

Now for the cakes, there are scones with pink sugar, passionfruit loaf cake, rich chocolate loaf cake with raspberry, carrot cake, clotted cream, jam and to top it all off, tea for 2.

Now if this doesn’t shout luxury and that you love your other, there is nothing else that will. I have to say, the savoury and sweet treats are divine, trust me when I say, you need this.

There is one last thing to say, have a lovely valentines day, enjoy it with someone special that makes you happy and why not treat yourself. If you’re looking for something a little more unique and an item that stands out, check out these artisan Jerky Gifts by Manly Man Co.®️ The perfect gift for any man on Valentine’s day!

If you liked any items the most do let me know in the comments! Personally I think there’s more than enough here for you to get your partner an amazing gift!

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