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Mother’s Day Foodies Gift Guide

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We all have that special woman in our lives, the one that we can always turn to, who is always there, never judging and always has open arms. Yes, I’m talking about our Mother’s. This year is no different and I want to celebrate mother’s from all around and give you some wonderful ideas about what you can get them for Mothering Sunday.

If you don’t know already, Mother’s Day is on Sunday 14th March, so make sure you get the cards and gifts bought and sent in time for Mother’s Day.

Every mother loves flowers and a bar of chocolate. As you rightfully know, I don’t like to go with just the standard, I like to think outside the box and see what else would be great for our foodie mums. Here is a range of gift ideas that could really stand out and be that something special.

Carfume – Car Air Fresheners

If you’re wondering what Carfume is, they are car air fresheners with a difference. Carfume air fresheners will fit any vehicle and can be hung from the rear view mirror or by one of the air vent clips that are also available.

Carfume offers a variety of ranges from classic, luxury and even a cocktail range including Espresso Martini and Strawberry Daiquiri.

What makes these air fresheners so different, well done they have a glass bottle with a bespoke carved wooden top. These look so classy and the smell is very long-lasting.

If you want to give your mum something different, then think outside the box, Carfume is certainly a gift that would fit that brief for sure.

Isle of Wight Distillery – Mermaid Gin & Vodka Miniature Gift Pack

If you have one of those mother’s who has everything, getting a gift that she will like can be a challenge. I have a solution for you and it is this Isle of Wight Distillery – Mermaid Gin & Vodka Miniature Gift Pack.

The gift pack contains 3 miniatures, each bottle is 5cl (50ml) and all in the standard style of bottle. The gift pack contains a Pink Gin, Salt Vodka, and a normal Gin. If you’re wondering what these taste like, they are fantastic.

  • Pink Gin – This is a refreshing gin that infuses a strawberry flavour with lemon and samphire.
  • Salt Vodka – This is a fresh premium vodka with a pinch of local sea salt.
  • Gin – This is a fresh gin with lemon and pepper notes, also has the signature saphire taste.

This is a wonderful set that will go down as an absolute treat this mothers day. You can buy this directly from Isle of Wight Distillery or from Amazon, just make sure you get yours in time for mother’s day.

Vegan Happy

If you’re wondering what Vegan Happy is, well it is a clothing brand with a difference. Vegan Happy is a 100% vegan clothing brand that has created a stylish vegan clothing range that will fit with any wardrobe.

What makes Vegan Happy different is that they donate 10% of their profit to animal rescue and vegan evangelism.

Vegan Happy sent me this Vegan Chef Apron, this would make an ideal gift for the vegan cook in the house, it will come in handy when they are getting their cook on. You can only buy the Vegan Apron and Vegan Happy clothing directly from their website, go and get ordering today, so you have it in time for Mother’s day.

Cranes Drinks – Cranberry and Blood Orange Liqueur

I have shown in some other gift guides that Cranes Drinks have some fantastic products that are suitable for family members, friends and more, well this is certainly one for mum.

This is Cranberry and Blood Orange Liqueur, which will seriously show that you have thought about your special mum. Not only that, but when you add the Cranberry and Blood Orange Liqueur to Prosseco to make a Cranbellini, mum will know that she is special to you.

You can buy the liqueur directly from the Cranes online shop or via Amazon. Get your this in time for Mother’s day and make sure that wonderful lady knows you care.

Dairy Diary – Home Cookery Cook Book

I’m an 80’s kid and grew up with my mums cooking, she cooked all meals in the house, so I’m used to good wholesome food. Firstly, I’m not saying that this cookbook is for everyone, what I am saying is that there is something in there for all mums, new and old.

Dairy Diary has this fantastic cookbook celebrating 50 years of the classic cookbook. There are over 900 recipes in this cookbook, along with techniques and tips to help improve your cooking skills.

You can buy this cookbook directly from Dairy Diary or via Amazon. This is certainly a cookbook that will bring back a lot of memories and keep some wonderful classic recipes moving forwards.

Lisa Angel – Gin and Gin Gift Set

If your mum likes a little tiple, and then this personalised gin and personalised gin gift set are ideal. They are available for Lisa Angel, when you order with them, you have to provide the personalisation information you want. Just a word of warning, triple check the spellings, as Lisa Angel are not responsible for any mishaps you make.

Lisa Angel offers a fantastic range of gifts, however, I’m going to focus on the Personalised Name 50cl Bottle of Granite North Gin and the Personalised Gin & Jam Cocktail Kit. Both of these are wonderful gifts and show that this is not an off the shelf gift, you’ve thought about it.

Get yours in time for mother’s day and show her that she is the world to you.

Boosology – The Lip Kit

Now Boostology are gifts that do good and by that I mean that Boostology has a range of innovative and exclusive gifts that have been designed to give you and the planet a boost.

This is a company who actually cares about the planet and what we are doing to it, that is why their exclusive gift range are either organic, vegan, plastic-free and much more.

You can get these amazing gifts directly from Boostology, so make sure you get your order in so you get this in time for mother’s day and play a part in helping take part of our planet.

Isle of Wight Distillery – Mermaid Pink Gin

The Isle of Wight Distillery has a number of products that are perfect for your mum this mother’s day including this wonderful Mermaid Pink Gin. This is a gin that is so much more than anything you may have tried before.

Isle of Wight Distillery is a Net Zero business, which means they are carbon neutral. So when you buy their gin, you can be assured that you’re buying something that is going to help the environment.

Now, let’s talk about the gin in a bit more detail. Mermaid Pink Gin is a beautiful smooth gin that infuses the flavours and aromatics of the island strawberries, which only accentuates this wonderful gin that also have lemon zest and rock samphire.

If you’re going to treat your mum to something special, this has to be it. As we are moving into spring, this Mermaid Pink Gin is perfect served with ginger ale or tonic, just top it with strawberries and mint.

You can buy this gin directly from Isle of Wight Distilleries or on Amazon, don’t delay, get ordering.

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