I love cooking but that means having a lot of different resources in the kitchen, I used to have a really small kitchen and it was impossible to make any slimming world meals in there. Now I have a pretty decent sized kitchen which means having enough room to have all the equipment I need to make some yummy slimming world meals. I’ve put a list together of some of the resources I use in the kitchen, some are great if you have a small kitchen and they’re all perfect for a decent sized kitchen!

Soup Maker

Soup Makers. I love my soup maker, they’re perfect for slimming world soups like my favourite slimming world butternut squash soup! All you have to do is chuck the ingredients in and it does all the work for you, super easy and means you don’t have to spend loads of time making soup as well!

George Forman Grill

George Forman Grill. I love using my George Forman Grill. I’m able to cook near enough anything on it, from steak to burgers to vegetables. It gets rid of all / any fat and makes your meals that little bit healthier. You can make some amazing slimming world turkey burgers on the Forman as well!

Potato Ricer

Potato Ricer. I got a potato ricer for Christmas and now I love mashed potato. I used to make mashed potato but it would be a little lumpy on an off day, with a potato ricer I don’t have the problem anymore; I totally recommend getting one! WARNING: Once you use this, you may never mash a potato again.

Frylight Cooking Spray

Frylight. I would not be able to live without this, I don’t use any other oil for cooking, Frylight is the only thing that I use and need. Frylight also have a variety of flavours, so there is no need to use anything else. You can pick it up almost anywhere and it’s a firm favourite in the kitchen!

Food Mixer

Food Mixer. When I am baking, I like to make things as simple as humanly possible and a food mixer is what allows me to multitask and make some great bakes. I use it for almost all my baking unless I specify otherwise and would be lost without it!

Kitchen Blender

Blender. If you haven’t seen already, then I have a bit of a thing for smoothies. With the nice weather, I like to drink something healthy for breakfast or even during the day, again this is only possible with the use of a good blender.

Other rescourses?

I have so much in the kitchen it would be impossible to list everything that I use! I’m always on the lookout for new gadgets and I replace things now and again so don’t forget to come back and check on what new toys I’m using in the kitchen for my journey on the slimming world diet!

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