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To make a success in the kitchen, you really need to have some basic essentials, they will make life easier and help with making great food, these kitchen essentials and gadgets are what I have in my kitchen and suggestions for yours.

Soup Maker – these are fantastic, they make life easier and once you have thrown all your ingredients into the soup maker, you can leave it alone until it beeps to tell you its ready.

George Forman Grill – I love using my George Forman Grill. you can cook near enough anything on it, from steak to burgers to vegetables. It get’s rid of all / any fat and makes your meals that little bit healthier.

Potato Ricer – now I love mashed potato, just as much as the next person, but when I make mash I do end up with some lumps, well I use to. Now that has been eliminated with the use of a potato ricer. It gives me the best smooth mashed potato. WARNING: Once you use this, you may never mash a potato again.

Frylight – I would not be able to live without this, I don’t use any other oil for cooking, Frylight is the only thing that I use and need. Frylight also have a variety of flavours, so there is no need to use anything else.

Food Mixer – when I am baking, I like to make things as simple as humanly possible and a food mixer is what allows me to multitask and make some great bakes.

Blender – if you haven’t seen already, then I have a bit of a thing for smoothies. With the nice weather, I like to drink something healthy for breakfast or even during the day, again this is only possible with the use of a good blender.


I do update this page on a regular basis, so check back from time to time to see what else I am adding to this list.