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Slimming World can be difficult to stick to, especially when you have a busy lifestyle or you’re not sure what to cook. That’s why this list is here, it’s no good picking up a meal deal because that’s packed with syns! These slimming world lunches are the perfect thing to get you through the day, fill you up and have you happy till dinner time! However if you do find yourself a little peckish in the mean time, take a look at this Low Syn Slimming World Snacks list! Some

Slimming World Tuna Pasty Now if you want something different, then this Slimming World Syn Free Tuna Melt Pasty recipe is it. Instead of using bread, baguettes or panini’s to make a Tuna melt, making one of these pasties is just want is needed. All you need to do to make it Slimming World Syn Free is to use the wrap and your cheese as your healthy extra and you are on your way!! If you fancy a slimming world pasty this happens to be one of my favourites. How

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