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Collecting Shopping Points and Wombling

How Can Wombling Save You Money At The Supermarket

If you are anything like me, you are a savvy shopper, always looking for deals and even checking your shopping receipt just to make sure you have either not been overcharged or making sure that a deal you have bought has gone through properly. You will be surprised at how many people do not do this. Well can be GREAT news for you, all you need to do is some wombling.

Ok, before I get into this any further, I’m not talking about the old TV show called The Wombles, I’m not saying about picturing up rubbish and turning it into something useful. Most people haven’t heard of the term wombling and if you haven’t you could be seriously missing out on and underrated bonus for you.


So, What is Wombling?
Wombling is looking at receipts people leave in trollies or throw on the floor. Now, I’m not saying walk around the streets picking up receipts, but at certain supermarkets, this could be the difference between a few pennies or pounds for you in the long run, it can and will help you save money in the long run. There are so many supermarkets and other retailers that offer some really good loyalty and price match schemes, we should take total advantage of this.
One saying that you should listen to, especially when wombling is “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.

So wombling is about collecting these thrown away receipts, checking to see if there are any price match schemes that haven’t been traded in or store points that haven’t been claimed. This has served me extremely well at Tesco’s.


Tesco Clubcard Points
I love finding the really long receipts, especially on the run up to Christmas, that people haven’t or forgot to use their Clubcard. Now I have set up my Tesco Clubcard to save all my points up until Christmas, well it’s actually November, when they send out the vouchers. This means that I end up with some money that I only use on my Christmas Shopping. I get the turkey and all other nice bits for Christmas and best of all, it has cost me either nothing or near to nothing, all because I used my Clubcard point vouchers.

So how does it work? Well, if you find a receipt where the person has not used their Clubcard to collect the points, take the receipt to their Customer Service counter and they will scan the receipt and your Clubcard, then the points will be added to your account. Personal suggestion here, only have one Tesco Clubcard account and only take once receipt at a time. I normally go shopping with my partner, so that means we can do this twice per visit. Especially as Tesco’s have a policy of only adding 2 unused receipts per day.

ASDA Price Guarantee
As I’m sure you are aware, Asda don’t do a point collection scheme like Tesco’s, but what they do offer is a Price Guarantee Scheme or APG for short. Once you have done your shop and if you also find some receipts, go online to the APG website, then you will need to enter your barcode number which can be found at the bottom of the receipt. Before you go online and to save you wasting your own time, the receipt MUST have a minimum of 8 items on the receipt.
The APG tool will do a check and compare the shopping to the other leading supermarkets, if your shopping doesn’t work out to be 10% cheaper on the same or comparable items, you will get a voucher for the difference, all you need to do is print it out and use it on your next lot of shopping at Asda. This is a popular stomping ground from womblers, but a lot of stores are on to this, so they have their staff clean up receipts so stop us womblers from getting the discounts.

Sainsbury’s Nectar Points
Now this is similar to the Tesco’s Clubcard, collect points, points can be converted to vouchers and used on your shopping, again a great way to get some shopping for free if you save the points. You can also collect the receipts for shopping where someone hasn’t used their Nectar Card, again this can be applied to your Nectar Card at the customer service desk. Also as an added extra, Sainbury’s also have the printed out vouchers at the till, a lot of people leave them, so it could be a great way to get some extra discounts, points and perks.

Costa Coffee Club
Now something for the coffee lovers, just like me. You can collect Costa Coffee Club points and once you get to a certain level, you can use the points to get FREE coffee. If you also have the app, you will get promotions coming up all the time with the card, these promotions are for discounts and perks, just for being a Costa Coffee Club member. There is no cost to being part of the club, so it’s win win.

Is Wombling Legal?
Now for those of who are wondering or even worrying if it is legal or not, I have some good news for you. YES it is legal.
Although most supermarkets and retailers are not a fan of womblers, it’s actually very difficult for them to be able to do much about it. Some retailers are now trying to put things in place where only the person who bought the products can use the vouchers, it will be hard to enforce, so for now, keep on wombling.

Wombling Do’s and Don’t
By all means pick up receipts from outside the shops or left in shopping trollies, DON’T take receipts out of bins, seriously you will be like one of the TV wombles if you start going down that route.


Is Wombling Really Worth It?
My answer is simple, yes it is. If you find a dis-guarded receipt that someone doesn’t want, and they haven’t collected the points or used the price match, then it’s all fair, this can lead to a lot of money being saved by you on your shopping. Most supermarkets have a limit to the amount (in pounds) that you can save each month, if you hit that at both supermarkets, that would be around £2,400 per year!! Now if I can save even a quarter of that, it has been successful. Like I said previously, I save my Tesco Clubcard Points until Christmas and this means that I can buy most if not all of the food I need for Christmas and technically it hasn’t cost me anything.

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  1. OMG! And I thought I was a savvy shopper! I had never heard of this word wombling before. You have really opened my eyes here. Thanks


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