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What Is Wombling?

I love to womble, wombling is fun and can earn you some decent money in the long run. It’s fairly simple, find discarded receipts and cash in on the points and vouchers that go with them. Wombling has helped us pay for food shopping that we’ve not had to spend money on, essentially free food!

Wombling example, when I’m at Tesco I’ll have a look around, on the floor for discarded receipts. I’ll find one that might have 20 unclaimed Tesco Clubcard points on it. I then take the receipt into the store and ask them to add the points to my card as I “forgot”.

Wombling can be fun, wombling saves money for us in the long run but it’s important to know where you can womble and where you can get the most out of your time, otherwise, you don’t want to waste hours finding receipts that aren’t any use!

Wombling Receipts At Tesco For Tesco Clubcard Points

Tesco is the main place we like to womble, it’s given us the most return wise and has saved us literally hundreds on our Christmas shopping! All you need to do is find a receipt within the last 14 days and claim the points on your Tesco Clubcard.

If you’re wondering how much is one Tesco clubcard point, £1 equals 1 Tesco clubcard point, however, 1 Tesco clubcard point is only worth £0.01 which means you need 100 Tesco clubcard points before you have £1. This is why I like to save Tesco clubcard for Christmas and use them all in one go. The clubcard points aren’t the best return but if you can find a good receipt or if you shop their often it’s worth looking at.

If you are wondering Tesco Clubcard points do I have? Just head on over to the Tesco website and find out, or you can ask in store at the customer service desk and they’ll be able to let you know your Tesco clubcard points total.

Wombling Receipts For Nectar Points At Sainsbury’s

I must admit Sainsbury’s isn’t a supermarket I visit often, however, I do pass one on occasion and look out for receipts all the same. Sainsbury’s offers nectar points, just like Tesco with their clubcard points.

Nectar points at the moment give you £0.05 per pound spent, again unless you find a really good receipt that you can cash in or you shop at Sainsbury’s often it’s not that much of a return. As always I’d still recommend getting a reward card because every point helps and can be used towards Christmas shopping.

You can join and get your own nectar card from the nectar website, you can also use your Nectar card at various other locations such as Argos, eBay and Cafe Nero so it’s worth investing in one.

Wombling For Free Coffee At McDonald’s

If you love coffee or McDonald’s this is one you need to watch out for, although I can’t say I’ve ever tried getting free coffee at McDonald’s. If you’re in McDonald’s look out for the coffee cups and find the stickers, 6 stickers will get you free coffee.

Wombling Morrisons Match And More Points At Morrisons Supermarket

Morrisons has a match and more program at the moment. It works just like Tesco and Sainsbury’s, find a receipt and take it to the customer service desk to redeem the points, although as it stands you have 30 days to claim the points.

The catch with the Morrisons match and more program is that you have to spend £15 or more and there has to be at least one “comparable” item listed if you’re unsure if there is a comparable item on there the receipt should say or you can ask at the customer service desk.

With every £0.10 difference in comparable price, you will get 100 Match and More reward points. You will need 5,000 points however before you can exchange your points for a £5 money off voucher, so it’s worth looking out for them long receipts with loads of products on!

Wombling SubCard Points At Subway

I love Subway and can’t get enough of this, I mean they’re not slimming world approved but they’re great for a cheat day that we all need now and again! Plus if you can get money off it’s a really cheap lunch!

The subway points work by claiming points from each purchase that’s made in Subway, you can womble subway receipts and get the points put onto your subway card, this can be done with the physical subway card or the subway app.

You can redeem your subways points on food and drink and they go as followed. How many subway points do you have?

  • 100 Subcard Points = a hot drink
  • 200 Subcard Points = a snack
  • 500 Subcard Points = regular 6” Sub, flatbread or salad
  • 1000 Subcard Points = a regular 12” Sub or flatbread.

Wombling Advice

Although there are no rules to wombling, which means it’s not technically illegal, there are some guidelines I’d follow. Keep it stress-free and save a nice amount of cash and reward points. Find what stores are the best for wombling and frequent them instead of the smaller and less rewarding stores.

Keep the whole wombling experience under the radar, don’t go around supermarket car parks asking people for their receipts otherwise, you might get some funny looks or even asked to leave!

Wombling At Different Stores

Mix it up a little, don’t just go to one Tesco every day, if there’s a Tesco express near you take a look and see if it’s any good and give it a couple of days before going back to your main Tesco, it means you’re less likely to be spotted by staff as well!

Redeeming Receipts?

Don’t walk into Tesco or Sainsbury’s with a fist full of receipts because they’ll either say no or think you’re mad! I normally take in a maximum of 2, it looks less suspicious and you’re still getting your points either way. If you can take the receipt to a different store and say you forgot about it a few days before!

The Best Times To Womble?

I prefer to womble on the weekends, I find that Saturday and Sunday night are the best as everyone has done their shop as they’re off the weekend. I also find that Christmas, Halloween and other major holidays are a great time to womble, people don’t think about scanning their card or are too busy to care about the points so keep an eye out! I’ve found a receipt at Christmas with 289 points on!

Is Wombling Really Worth It?

Wombling is totally worth it! If you can get free Tesco vouchers and Free subway meals because you’ve done a little wombling, great! You can easily become a womble addict though so don’t forget to take a step back now and again! As I’ve said before save all your free vouchers for Christmas and use them in one hit, it means you don’t need to find as much money for Christmas time! At the same time don’t forget to scan your receipts on Receipt hog and Shoppix for free Amazon vouchers!

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