I love cashback apps, the ones that give me free food I love the most! You may have seen I’ve spoken about the CheckoutSmart app before and I’d totally suggest you go take a look at that if you want a free food app, other than Shopmium!

Shopmium App Review

Being a smart shopper means finding bargains and free products where you can. With the Shopmium app that’s exactly what you’re getting, free food! I use TopCashBack and Quidco to get cashback on my everyday purchases online, I’d recommend you do as well; Shopmium is something I use in store.

Shopmium is a decent app when it comes to getting free supermarket products, it gets products from all different supermarkets and it’s a really easy app to use as well. If you want a Shopmium referral code you can use mine, AKEAAGUQ and get yourself a free jar of Nutella! What’s not to like! So use the Shopmium referral code for free chocolate and get more offers on the app!

What Does The Shopmium App Do?

Simple, you get free or discounted products from big known supermarkets. Shopmium deals means you can get buy food and then request your cashback through the app, meaning you haven’t been out of pocket long and it’s free food and free drinks if you want them.

It’s a really nice cashback app to get used to, it’s not complicated and there are always new deals on there to look at. You can use various filters on the app to tailor what you see for your own use. If you want more information on the Shopmium app take a look at the Shopmium website.

Where To Download the Shopmium App?

The app is available on Android and iOS, Just search “Shopmium” and download, it’s 100% free as well.

How To Use Shopmium?

  1. Purchase items on your shopping trip that are on the CheckoutSmart app.
  2. Take a picture of your receipt for proof of purchase.
  3. Scan the products bar codes so that you can redeem the offer for the selected product.
  4. You can redeem multiple offers at a time on one receipt. However, you can only claim each offer once, unless stated otherwise.

How To Sign Up For Shopmium

You can sign up to the Shopmium app by using your email or connecting with Facebook. It’s really quick and easy and you’ll soon be able to log in and see the deals that are on offer.

If you want a free jar of Nutella while you’re signing up make sure you use the code AKEAAGUQ and you can get it on your first shopping trip.

Using Shopmium For Your Shopping

On the app, you’ll be able to filter for various stores. If you click on a location it will bring up all the latest Shopmium offers for various stores. If you filter using the store option you’ll be able to see offers that are for that store and you won’t end up in Tesco with offers for Asda!

As you can see above, once you look at the specific stores that you want to purchase items from you’ll have a list of offers that are available. The only issue is you have to click on them before you can find out the offer. There will be offers for free food and 50% off items as well. It always depends on what Shopmium have on offer at the moment, I’d suggest looking in a couple of different supermarkets for diverse deals.

How To Get Shopmium Cashback

When you sign up to Shopmium you need to enter either bank details or PayPal details. You’ll get your cash back as soon as the claim is approved, this means you won’t have money sitting in an account waiting for you to reach a minimum payout. This is one of the reasons I love the Shopmium app so much, unlike other apps when you have to wait for a minimum amount.

Important Shopmium Points

  • Always keep the receipt, without it you can’t claim cashback!
  • Payment once approved, no waiting around.

Making money on Shopmium

So how can you make money from Shopmium? Well, it is really simple, refer your friends, family, colleagues and anyone else who will use it. They will get a free chocolate bar and you get £3.00 in referral credit, all they have to do is sign up and use the app once. So the more you refer, the more credit you will have. Means you get shopping for free, so even better.

Just remember to go back to the app on a regular basis to get the newest and latest offers. Why not try what I do, save your money in the app until Christmas, you may be surprised at how much you have saved!!

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