Cash Back & Free Stuff with The CheckoutSmart App

Cash Back & Free Stuff with Checkout Smart

I love being a savvy shopper, which means finding bargains where I can and making the most of my money when I go shopping. It’s always better to shop smart if you want your money to go further. One of the ways I save more money and get free products when I shop is by using the CheckoutSmart app which I would advise everyone to download.

CheckoutSmart App Review

When I’m shopping online I’m forever going through cashback websites, I use TopCashBack and Quidco to get the most cashback I can from shopping online. When it comes to physically shopping in a store though I use the cashback apps, one being CheckoutSmart!

CheckoutSmart is my favourite cashback app. We’ve got loads of free food and free drinks from it before and always make sure we check the checkoutsmart app before we leave to do our shopping. Although we love CheckoutSmart the most I also recommend checking out the Shopmium and ClickSnap cashback apps when shopping.

What Is the CheckoutSmart App?

Simply put the CheckoutSmart app gives you free items when shopping. The app is one big cashback opportunity to get your hands on a range of free food, drinks and other items that you can get at a supermarket.

The app is really easy to use, simply view any current offers, purchase the products that you want and when you get home to scan the receipt to claim the cashback. Don’t forget to use Shoppix to get Amazon vouchers while you’re at it. CheckoutSmart has a whole range of discounts, sometimes the items are even 100% free and you can claim the total cost back through the app.

Where to download the CheckoutSmart App?

The app is available on Android and iOS, Just search “CheckoutSmart” and download, it’s 100% free as well.

You can also sign up using the CheckoutSmart website if you are unable to use the app.

How To Use CheckoutSmart

  1. Purchase items on your shopping trip that are on the CheckoutSmart app.
  2. Upload the receipt (proof) to the app or on your online account.
  3. You can redeem multiple offers at a time on one receipt. However, you can only claim each offer once.

You can watch this official video produced by the team at CheckoutSmart for more information.

How To Sign Up And Login

When you sign up you can use Facebook or your email address. If you don’t want daily emails about new offers however I’d suggest using Facebook or an email you don’t use as much.

As soon as you sign in you’ll be able to see the offers local to you and you can start going through them ready for your shopping trip!

You can browse all offers or filter by the shop so you can get the best items you want. You can see from the items below that some are free whereas others give you cash back.

Checkout Smart Offers

How To Claim Cashback

When it comes to claiming cashback on the app I’d suggest doing this the same day as purchase although you can claim the money back up to 7 days after purchase.

At the bottom of each offer, there will be a round “claim” button which you’ll need to clock. You’ll be asked questions such as;

  • Where you shopped?
  • What day did you shop?
  • Select the offer you want to claim
  • How many items you’re claiming for if you can claim more than once.

Finally, you’ll be asked to snap a picture of your receipt as proof of purchase which is pretty straight forward. Now you just need to wait for the cashback.

Where Can You Use CheckoutSmart

There is a range of supermarkets you can use the CheckoutSmart app, I usually use mine at Asda and Tesco; here’s a bigger list!

  • ASDA
  • Waitrose
  • Aldi & Lidl
  • BP
  • Amazon Grocery
  • Budgens
  • Nisa
  • Tesco
  • Superdrug

There are even more stores on the app, make sure you filter to what stores you want to get offers from and you shouldn’t have any issue getting cash back!

What’s The Minimum Payout for CheckoutSmart

You can withdraw your cashback at any point, BUT if the amount is under £19.99, there is a 5% fee. If your cashback amount is over £20.00, it is free to withdraw, so I would say keep the money in there for as long as possible. I keep mine in there until the 1st week of December, then I withdraw it and I have some extra money for Christmas that has been saved.

When you take out the money, it will be transferred by either Paypal or BACS, I prefer to use my Paypal, I find it so much easier. What I do what to say is that Checkout Smart and Clicksnap are the same, you can only use one receipt on either app, not both!

Important CheckoutSmart Points

  • Free to use and download
  • 5% withdrawal fee if under £20
  • Personal offers
  • Keep the receipt neat for photos


If you’re looking to save as much money as possible on your shopping trip, the CheckoutSmart app is one you need to be using, every penny will count and it’s nice to get cashback. There are always new offers on there as well so make sure you check the app each time you go shopping!

The app is great towards Christmas when money gets tight, also if there’s an item you won’t use and it might have a long shelf life think about donating it to a food bank or something similar, especially at Christmas!

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